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April 2017


Awesome UK Cities to Visit on Your Gap Year


If you are taking a gap year through Europe this year then you have most likely already penned in some time to spend in the UK. Despite its size, the United Kingdom offers so much in terms of places to visit that it can be difficult to squeeze it all in when you are on a limited time-frame. Some of your time should most definitely be spent exploring the British countryside, some of the most outstanding natural beauty which you can find anywhere in Europe. Equally, much of your time should be spent exploring the cities which have had a profound impact on the World and today we are going to take a look at some of the best UK cities to visit on your gap year abroad.

London Big Ben and traffic on Westminster Bridge


We should probably start with the British heavyweight London, this is a vast and interesting city which has made an indelible mark on the entire world. Expect to spend at least a week in London, exploring its many boroughs and neighborhoods which offer one of the widest varieties of culture and history that you are likely to find. Make sure that you visit the biggest landmarks like Big Ben, Westminster and Tower Bridge but don’t forget that it is in some of the smaller boroughs where you can find some of the more trendy/hip areas of the city.


If you are looking to party then Newcastle is one of the best cities in the UK where you can do so. The clubs and bars in the city attract people from all over the United Kingdom and yet it is a city which many visitors to Britain miss out on. There is much more to Newcastle than drinking establishments and here you will see a great deal of northern English, working class culture as well as modern installations such as the Tyne Bridge, the Sage theater, the Millennium Bridge and Baltic art museum.


Edinburgh is something of a strange city, on the one hand it is the financial and geographical capital of Scotland, on the other, it is a city with the countryside within its walls. There are two main streets in the center which sort of juxtapose with each other and this is where you should spend most of your time. Prince’s Street is the modern area of the city where you’ll find trendy bars and restaurants, it is also a great place for shopping. On the other side of the train station you will find the Royal Mile, a long street which leads up to the Ancient Edinburgh Castle. Along the Royal Mile you will find traditional Scottish shops selling whisky and tartan as well as some cafes selling true Scottish cuisine.

These are just my favorite three of the many cities in the UK which you could visit, I would also recommend the northern English cities of Manchester and Liverpool but if your time is limited then hit the cities above for a true British experience.

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5 Foods Which You Have to try on a Trip to India


India has long been a popular place for travelers from all over the world to explore and discover a unique country which has so much to offer. Whether it be touring through the rural landscape of this great nation or taking time out in the bustling cities, India is truly a trip like no other.

On a personal note, one of my favorite things to do in India, is to eat, the food here is so varied, so tasty and so plentiful that you could spend 3 weeks there and not try it all. If you are heading to India any time soon and want to indulge in the finest cuisine, here are my 6 favorite dishes for you to try.


This beautiful dish consists of a rice base which is served using the delicious raita yogurt as well as some salad, usually cucumber. The rice is served in a biryani sauce which is made of cumin, coriander and tomatoes and then mixed with chicken or chicken tikka. AS with many of the Indian dishes, you can enjoy a vegetarian variety of the biryani dish and it can be found in restaurants throughout the country.


This is the most common curry which you will find throughout the streets of India and it is the perfect snack to pick up when you are trying to save some money. The sauce of a chaat is made using Tamarind, onions, tomatoes, chill powder and vermicelli and the sauce can be mixed with a variety of different meats and other ingredients for the perfect comfort food.

Chloe Batura

This beautiful bread dish can be eaten at any time of the day and it will fill you up for quite some time. The bread is made with white flour and then deep fried before serving, the bread is served with a variety of side dishes such as chick peas, yogurts, chutneys and sauces and it is by far and away my favorite way to start the day.


The samosas in India taste far superior to any which you will have tasted before in your home country and they act as the perfect daytime snack. The samosa is white flour pocket which has been filled with any variety of ingredients from potatoes, garam masala, onion, chill powder, salt and fennel, before being deep fried and served with some tasty sauce.

Sag Aloo

Vegetarians and vegans love Indian food because of its almost non-reliance on meat and with dishes such as Sag Aloo, it is easy to see why. This dishes consists of spinach (sag) and potatoes (aloo) and it can be eaten at any time of the day. The mixture of veg is usually given a flavor punch with some spices and tomato based sauce and it is a flavorsome and filling dish.

I could write for pages and pages about the stunning food in India and the only thing I would say to you is that you should try your best to try as wide a variety as you possibly can.

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Five of the World’s Most Glamorous Nighttime Adventures


Travel is all about making new discoveries. The setting of the sun does not imply the end of adventurous trips. In fact, some breathtaking adventures around the world occur best at night. Here are five of the best night tours that are worth losing sleep for.

A Night Walk through the Australian rainforest using torches.

Human beings love to discover, and they do not stop unravelling the beauty of nature. A night tour of the Australian rainforest offers one of the best opportunities to learn more about forest life at night.

Through the guidance of expert tour guides, participants take a torch-lit hike through the Daintree Rainforest. Most small animals emerge at night. Consequently, participants come across active nocturnal snakes, possums and rare birds among other wild animals. Daintree rainforest, being the world’s oldest rainforest, is a great venue to learn and discover some of the ancient plant species. Visitors also discover poisonous plants and herbs.

Intramuros Ghost Walk of the Philippines

Take a historical three-hour tour of the Intramuros district situated at the center of Manila to experience paranormal activities and sights. During the ghost walk tour, be on the lookout for spirits, demons, imprints and elementals. However, it is not a guarantee that every participant would experience otherworldly auras. For tourists who would love to stay for good, Manila offers great properties near Intramuros, you can research and find the best ranking condos at Zipmatch by looking at their affordability, neighborhood, amenities, investment potential and other factors
The tour entails a visit to various places, including abandoned buildings, dungeons, and bridges. Since the trip occurs at night and involves marching within the walls, you can expect poor lighting. Carry along high-powered cameras to capture excellent photos. The tour is quite lengthy and tiring. As a result, most visitors take along essentials such as food, drinks, and wear comfortable clothing.

Stargazing at Pico Mountain (Portugal’s highest peak)

Enjoy an incredible view of the stars in Europe at one of Portugal’s highest peaks (7713 feet). Travelers take an overnight hike to the summit of Pico Mountain for stargazing that is one for the books.

The participants reach the peak of the mountain at dawn. Just an opportune moment to watch the rising of the sun over the Pico Island.

Watch hatching of Hawksbill turtles in Antigua

Reptiles constitute one of the incredible creatures in the universe. Therefore, it is worth the hustle to stay up through the night gazing at the hatching of turtles. In Antigua, tourists are offered the opportunity to experience this amazing process during the nesting season that typically begins on June throughout November.

Through the ‘turtle watch’ program, guests are woken up at night once the turtles are spotted. It is quite an amazing experience whereby guests get to enjoy watching the Hawksbill turtles laying their eggs and hatching its young ones at the beach.

Horse riding under the moonlight in Tuscany

Are you planning a romantic outing? A night horseback ride in the Italian countryside is the ultimate tour experience for any couple. It entails exploring the rolling Tuscan hills at night. Horse-riders take a look at the most authentic sceneries such as cypress-dotted trails and historic villas. Guests also come across various local animals, including wild boars and deers.

For lovers of Tuscan delicacies, you can opt to stop by at the farmhouse or local Osteria and enjoy the sumptuous meals.

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Great travel destinations abroad for the entire family


Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday, family reunion, or everything else in between, opportunity arises to travel with the entire family in tow. Planning a trip with everyone from grandkids to grandparents can be a daunting task. You need to pick a location, choose an all-inclusive travel insurance for everyone, plan the itineraries, and prepare a budget.

In this article, we’ll focus on the first consideration – picking a location. We have outlined some of the coolest family vacation ideas for multigenerational travel, perfect for your family bonding experience.

Normandy. One of the most rewarding things about travelling with the entire family in tow is seeing a new place through everyone’s eyes. Nowhere is this experience more touching than in Normandy. This region’s sands have witnessed a millennium of history. While the kids ride horses, sail, and go sand-sailing on Utah Beach, adults can sip Calvados at one of many beach bars. You can sightsee Pegasus Bridge, visit the Bayeux Tapestry and tour the American cemetery.

Puglia. Puglia is where families are celebrated and children are welcomed with open arms. Ride a bicycle through fields of sun-ripened artichokes, tomatoes, and eggplants and enjoy the musical Italian language as local mums encourage the children to “mangia, mangia.”

Sapporo. Japan’s snow capital, as well as the biggest city of the Northern Hokkaido, is famous for its snow festivals, seafood selection and more. Likewise, nearby Otaru is a good day trip, with its well-preserved historical district. Here you and your family can enjoy world-class skiing. Adults will love Sapporo Beer, Japan’s oldest beer brewery founded back in 1877. Prepare your jackets! It’s really, really cold here!

There’s something for everyone; sightsee the sun-baked coastline by boat and by bike, taking in the rocky coves and luminous water of the sapphire seas; stroll through Roman ruins; observe Baroque architecture, or get your hands dirty creating delicious local specialities.

Tanzania. Tanzania is a great place for families with an adventurous spirit and a craving to engross themselves in their environment. Combine walking with safari game drives on the Tanzania Family Adventure trip and your family will have a profound, immersive experience that cannot be found in a driving-only safari.

Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s other big city, is sometimes unnoticed by visitors to the island. Kaohsiung has so much to offer in terms of its sights and tastes for the entire family, and it’s a gateway to some of the marvels on the wild side of the island too.

The city is chock-a-block with skyscrapers, which includes the 250-meter Tuntex Sky Tower, and you get all the ease and amenities of a large Asian city. There’s also a gorgeous harbour where you can view the sunset and soak up the lush environment. The dining and shopping are amazing, and the entire family will be glad to visit.

Vietnam. Let your family bask in the culture of Vietnam as you pass rice paddies interspersed with historic tombs and animals. There are basket boat racing activities, scavenger hunts, conical gay making, and beach paradise. Parents can enjoy a two-bedroom villa at the five-star Six Senses Hideaway.

End Note

There you have it! Get the whole family out to spend quality time together. Nothing says family bonding like going together on a trip, right? To make it as fun and hitch-free as possible, don’t forget to acquire a good travel insurance in Singapore online for everyone. Have fun!

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