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May 2017


Fun Things to Do in Cairns, Australia



Traveling with family and friends is always fun. Sure you see a lot of articles right now telling you to travel alone and experience the world solely through your experiences, but there is nothing quite like exploring the world with companions. And one place where you can all enjoy unknown places or unique destinations is Australia.

Australia is known for beaches and adrenaline pumping activities, but it is also one of the most beautiful places to visit. Cairns is one of these places, it has a very tropical and laid back vibe that will make you and your travel companions forget about the stresses you left back home. It is a city where the modern and urban has fused well with the lush greenery of nature and the turquoise waters of the sea. It is so beautiful here that there are sites that have been given the UNESCO World Heritage status.

So while you are packing and getting your travel insurance for Australia, go through this article for places you must visit during your trip to Cairns.

Cairns Highlands

Australia is not just about that island heat, there are places where cooler climate is supreme. Get yourself to the Cairns Highlands and enjoy the cool wafts of the mountain breeze with a breathtaking view to boot. The highlands sits at 3280 metres above sea level and offers a very delightful afternoon experience for people planning to go up. Here you will see an 800-year old curtain fig tree, a 10-mile waterfall circuit, and the Tarzali Lakes platypus parks.

The Great Barrier Reef

Probably one of the most popular destinations in Cairns, and it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef and is made up of almost 3000 individual reefs which span 133,000 square miles of area. You can even see it from outer space! You can choose to go on a boat trip to the reef and snorkel or take a dive to see the marine life. However, you have to be careful when going near the reef since it is fragile at the moment. If diving is not for you, a helicopter ride can be a good option to give you an amazing top view of the Outer Barrier Reef.

Daintree Rainforest

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Daintree Rainforest. It is the largest continuous area of tropical rainforest and is the oldest lowland rainforest in the world. It dates back its existence to 135 million years There is a diverse range of creatures living in the area like tree-dwelling kangaroos and endangered species like the cassowary. You can choose to have a Daintree River cruise for a more laid-back setting. If you want to rough it up, you can trek the rainforest and enjoy Cape Tribulation.

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

You can take learn more about the culture and history of Australia by visiting Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. You can experience lively performances showcasing indigenous music, dance, and storytelling. You can also find the oldest living culture in the world when you visit the cultural park.

Cairns, without exaggeration, has painted a picture of what paradise may look like if it were here on Earth. Go and get a slice of that heaven by visiting Cairns with travel companions who you know would enjoy a trip like this.

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5 Amazing travel locations for those who love to shopping until dropping


Some people travel for the experience, some for leisure, and others just to plain-see. And there are those who travel for the purpose of shopping. And for shopper-travellers, there are those who shop to their heart’s content to the last penny, and those who make the most out of their money – the more affordable, the better.

If you’re itching to shop for the holidays, you may want to check first some of the best travel money cards to secure your shopping costs especially when you’re out of the country. And here are some of the best destinations to start.


Hong Kong. This top Asian shopping destination also boasts to be one of the cheapest there is. Hong Kong offers bargain shopping unlike you’ve ever seen before. Tourists who visit here are left with a handful of items, giving the shopping region an incredible satisfaction rate.

If you’re an experienced shopper, persistent clerks could mean a great deal. They will mostly show you the ropes, so if you know what you want, they’ll tell you and even follow you around until you find what you’re looking for. Don’t get intimidated by a persistent clerk; they’re paid to be like that.

Madrid, Spain. Madrid offers more than 50, 000 boutiques. There’s a variety of goods to satisfy your shopping desire. Big department stores, up and coming designer boutiques, weekly flea markets, and others. If you’re a haggler and a bold shopper in general, don’t miss El Rastro, Spain’s biggest and most diverse flea market that takes place every Sunday. Regardless, at any given day you could just visit every store in the area, but be reminded that smaller stores close from 2 to 5 in the afternoon for their Spanish siesta custom.

Tokyo, Japan. The capital of Japan offers everyone a piece of everything, from clothing, modern electronics, and yes, all your fashion needs while being easy on the pockets. The Globe Shopper City Index reported Tokyo to be Asia’s fourth cheapest city and an affordable shopping destination.

Head over Harajuku for an easy on the pocket yet trendy clothing. Visit Ameyoko Arcades for a variety of street shops and bargain stores where you can get discounted garments, shoes, and even exotic spices. Souvenirs and other novelties come cheap yet stylish at Hasegawa.

Bangkok, Thailand. Apart from its good accommodations and tourism, Thailand’s biggest city, Bangkok is also an affordable shopping mecca. Big markets, some only open on the night or during the weekend, shops of all types – handicrafts, clothing, electronic gadget – everything! They have it, and these goods are all sold at clearance-like prices. The trick here is not to accept the first price because you need to bargain for an even better deal.

Mexico. Shoppers from all over the world are looking for a nice bargain flock in Mexico. It may not be as big a manufacturer as China is, but Mexico is just as awesome as a place to find designer goods that are manufactured locally and are available at cheap wholesale prices. Also, the quality of their handmade products is unique and can’t be found anywhere else. Cheap and you get your money’s worth. What more can you ask for?

Remember: It pays to do your research in order to find the best travel money card online to accompany your spending while shopping for all the things you need (and mostly just want) abroad. Have fun!

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France’s Best Wine Regions


Last year I was fortunate enough to take an extensive vacation throughout France, discovering the north, south, east and west of this fascinating country and discovering that there is in fact, far more to the nation than its popular capital, Paris.

I met up with a couple of guys who were going on a wine tour through the country and asked if I wanted to tag along. As someone who is more accustomed to chugging a Miller Lite spent the next 2 weeks discovering the best wine regions in France. I am now a converted wine lover and if you like the vino too, then here are the best regions in France to visit.


Bordeaux is the real master of the wine producing regions in France and it has gained notoriety worldwide for its outstanding contribution to the world of wine. Much of his is thanks to its proximity to the sea, meaning that exporting the wine has been pretty easy for many years. This region is over 100 kilometers squared and offers some of the finest wines in the world.


What would a wine tour to France look like if it didn’t include a visit to the home of the most expensive sparkling wine in the world, Champagne. In all honesty, I could never really tell the difference between a Champagne, an Asti or a bottle of cheap fizz bought at 7/11 before I visited the region. Thanks to the informative tours however, I have a new found appreciation for Champagne, how it is made and what to look for in a good bottle.

Loire Valley

This is the second highest sparkling wine-producing region in France behind Champagne and offers some beautiful Anjou Rose amongst others. This was my favorite place in terms of landscape and fun to be had and in actual fact the wine tours here were really entertaining as we sampled Muscadet, Pouilly Fuissé and my favorite, Gros Plant. I had never really understood the wine to go with food thing, but after eating some delicious seafood with these wines, I genuinely understood the connection.


Prior to visiting France, this was one of the few French wines which I had actually heard of, so I felt as though I had to visit the source. What I hadn’t expected was a collection of vineyards which spread across the 200 kilometer long Rhone Valley. I have to be honest, this valley is absolutely stunning and whilst the wine may not be the greatest which France produces, I didn’t see a more extensive or ornate collection of vineyards as I witnessed here.

If you want to go for a wine tour to France then these are the areas which I would most recommend that you visit, not only will you discover a beautiful range of wines but you will also be able to see the most beautiful side to the country at the same time.

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