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September 2017


Here’s Why Virtual Phone Numbers Are Used By Businesses


All tools need to be leveraged by entrepreneurs that want to get their business running in a highly effective way. The current business environment is highly connected to communication so everyone should know that the potential client needs to be able to get in touch with company representatives. Virtual phone numbers like a virtual 0161 number are highly beneficial due to various different reasons, including those highlighted below.

Increased Accessibility

The virtual phone number is convenient and you can use it for many free conversations. Businesses can so easily advertise toll free numbers while customers would be able to contact them for free whenever a problem or enquiry appears. Businesses that are accessible for the potential customers are going to always be much more popular.

Better Customer Service

A customer will never want to have to pay money when a business is contacted in modern times. Whenever customers have concerns or questions, direct contact through a phone number is highly preferred. As only email contact is possible the customer would end up with unfavorable opinions or will move to the competition. Businesses should always think about their customer service and want to offer a very high quality. Negative reviews caused by an ineffective customer service can be pretty damaging.

Professional Image Projection

All successful multinational corporations utilize toll free and local virtual numbers. The toll free ones are going to establish a sense of professionalism when discussing with clients as the local numbers make the customers see the business as being familiar. The one-person business operation is also going to benefit because there won’t be a reliance on personal cell phone numbers. Business scaling becomes easier through virtual phone numbers.

Taking Full Advantage Of The Cloud

The virtual phone number is going to take advantage of the cloud in order to offer you the conversation channel that you need. There is absolutely no phone line that ties down business operations. The user is going to take advantage of a control panel that is fully online in order to manage phone number operations. The entrepreneur can run the business from any location in the world.

Lower Prices

The virtual phone number is going to be a lot cheaper than the traditional phone number. This is very important for small to medium sized companies that need to save cash by minimizing business operation costs. There is no need to use extra hardware and most of the software you can use with the virtual numbers is free. That means that you save money while offering a phone number that people can contact you on.


A business can now easily discuss with customers without any location restraint. That is incredibly rewarding in various different scenarios. The business that wants to properly interact with the customers located in another country can do so with ease from just one point of contact. The virtual phone number will be really easy to use by the customer and the business will gain the advantages mentioned above, just to mention some.

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Faliraki Rhodes

Rhodes Faliraki

More than 5 kilometers wide, Faliraki is the most popular and the most highly organized beach on Rhodes.
Faliraki is like one big funfair, with a vast, multiethnic crowd tirelessly in pursuit of pleasure, day and night – in the morning on the famous beach with its striped umbrellas, at night in the narrow streets with their garish neon lights and loud noise.

Here you can find anything you can possibly ask for – water sports, cafeterias, night clubs, restaurants, bungee-jumping, Faliraki Fitness Gym, places for shopping and more.

At the impressive Faliraki Water Park, which is currently the biggest in the whole of Europe, you can enjoy water slides, a lazy river, black holes, rafting slides, the giant slide (about 140m long), kamikaze slides, a huge wave pool, an aqua-gym, poll-cafes and much, much more. A part of the water park is especially designed for children. 35 fully trained and certified lifeguards guarantee for your safety.


Things I Learned From My First Wheelchair Vacation 


Last year I had an accident playing rugby that left me without the use of my legs, the time since then has been a learning experience for me like I have never experienced before and everyday brings new challenges. something which I have just recently learned, is how difficult it is to take a vacation in a wheelchair and that wheelchair friendly hotels are not always what they are made out to be. The whole vacation for me was quite strange and something that I have definitely learned from. I wanted to write down my experience for anyone out there who is planning on going on their very first vacation as a wheelchair user in the hope that my experience can help a little.

Hotels, Be Careful

I stayed in a hotel that claimed to be wheelchair friendly when in fact it was only just sufficient for me to get around in my wheelchair. The truth of the matter is that many hotels want to be known as wheelchair friendly when in fact they are not, they think that because the rooms are pretty sizable and there is plenty of space around the pool, that this will be enough. Before you go on your vacation make sure that the hotel is 100% wheelchair accessible and that you can get to all of the places inside the hotel that you need to. I had a great deal of difficult for example, moving around in the restaurant area as there simply was not enough space, for reasons like this I would urge you to thoroughly check the place out first.

Surrounding Area

Another rookie error that I made was not checking out the surrounding area of the small town that we stayed in before we went. The result of my not checking was that I was forced to climb up and down hills for the duration of the vacation because we were essentially inside a valley. I am not the type of person that can just relax around the pool all and I wanted to get out and explore, unfortunately that is not so fun to do when you are pushing your own body weight in the searing heat.

Transport is Key

My vacation lasted two weeks and it was not until the second week that I realized that there was a small trolley bus that zipped around the town taking people form A to B. As soon as I was aware of the bus I was able to travel much farther and see many more things. I was annoyed because I had specifically asked the hotel if there was a bus and they had said no, for what reason I am still unsure. My advice to you then is this, make sure that before you go, you are reading forums and checking out reviews to see what kind of transport there is at your destination as it makes a huge difference to your vacation.

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Tips for choosing the right lawyer



At some stage during your life you are more than likely going to require the services of a lawyer to help and guide you through situations, these may be business related matters or something more private. It is always important to research the correct lawyer before you decide on hiring a person to do work which is very important to you. Here we have compiled a list of a few things that you should consider before choosing your lawyer.


Whether you are choosing an individual lawyer or a firm it is essential that they are qualified in the field that you need to hire them in and that they can properly navigate through the legal paper work assigned to the task at hand. For example, you do not want a business lawyer dealing with a personal case as they may not understand the correct approaches in certain situations.


Most well-established firms will have strong backing legal areas. If you are going with a new firm or newly qualified lawyer its essential that they have some experience or that you trust in their capabilities. Without a good level of experience, you must trust in their capabilities and the support of their firm. If they matter has not progressed then perhaps a fresh pair of eyes on the subject would be a better result.


Although this may be difficult to ascertain as you might not know how long the process will tale, a general estimate from the lawyer/firm is always a good indication of what the final cost will come to. It’s important that you are getting value for your money. You don’t want a firm to drag their heels in the hope of being paid more. If this is the case its more important to pay more for higher quality work and a more professional team.


A major factor when dealing with solicitors is having the contact. You want to be able to talk to the people in charge of your case, this is so you can check how the process is going, have peace of mind and be able to track the progress of your case. Woodgrange solicitors for example are known for their single person point of contact meaning that whenever you have a query you will speak to the same person assigned to your case each time. This takes a lot of hassle out of trying to track down the individual assigned to your case and shows a much more professional approach to case.

Although most people would prefer not having to deal with solicitors, it is an eventual part of life that the necessity will arrive at some stage. Using some of the suggestions above will help alleviate some difficulties that could arise when choosing the correct lawyer. Having a professional and courteous firm or individual will make dealing with legal matters a lot less stressful in the long run and implementing some of the above suggestions should help with this.

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