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March 2018

Travel Tips

French Polynesia: Hidden Oasis


Do you love adventures? Discover a hidden oasis which is French Polynesia! Although this destination is not much talked about, it is still breathtakingly beautiful. It is also a great place to enjoy several attractions. It is an overseas French collectivity consisting of more than 100 islands in the South Pacific. Get the chance to discover what French Polynesia hides below.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a must-see destination at least once in a lifetime! If you enjoy the great outdoors, Bora Bora is the perfect choice. This spectacular island welcomes you with the eerie cloud-swathed Mount Otemanu. It is surrounded by a pristine blue lagoon, along with a circle of 30 small islands or motus. Also, find dozens of resorts and bungalows floating on water. Visiting Bora Bora means discovering one of the most beautiful islands in the world.


In the Tuamotu Archipeligo, discover the largest lagoon in French Polynesia, called Rangirao. Within this big lagoon, another watery territory is included, known as Blue Lagoon. Feel the heavenly atmosphere as you head to this destination by boat from the main town of Avatoru. Explore paradise with breathtaking views of turquoise water and palm trees bending down to brush the fine sand. Enjoy fishing and barbecue at lunchtime!

Sea Adventures

Feeling adventurous? Get ready for some exciting sea adventures on the Marquesas Islands! Discover rugged volcanic islands with cliffs plunging into sea water, wild jungles and deep valleys. Get the chance to meet the inhabitants famous for their full-body tattoos and horsemanship. The best way to explore the 6 inhabited islands of the archipelago is by freighter. Plus, don’t miss the chance to visit different points of interest like the Vaipo Waterfall or Taha Uku. Looking for more adventures? Check out amazing adventure theme slots at Spin and Win online casino, like Montezuma Slot or Age of Discovery Slot.

Marche de Papeete

Fans of shopping? Head to the public market in the capital city, Papeete! Breathe the sweet aromas of vanilla, coconut and monoi oil in the air while you enjoy some nice ukulele music played by musicians. Wondering what to buy? Find a wide range of products like sarongs, baskets, carvings, pearls, flowers and fruits. Don’t miss the delicacies like French pastry or coffee at the stalls. On Sundays, join the local women queue to buy ready-made delicious meals and enjoy a traditional family lunch.

Vallee de la Vanille

Explore the cultural heritage of French Polynesia with Vallee de la Vanille in Tahaa! It is a farm where vanilla beans are cultivated in a sustainable way. Learn more about the bean-growing process, its uses and the history of farming on these islands through the owners. Stir up your senses with vanilla-based treats, like vanilla ice cream or rum. The abundant vegetation also provides a great relaxing spot. Why not bring home a few vanilla presents?

Surfing in Tahiti Iti

Do you love surfing? Pay a visit to Tahiti Iti! Try your surfer’s luck with the notorious huge wave called Teahupoo. But if you are a non-surfer, you can still enjoy a boat ride to admire the huge wave crashing on the reef. Also enjoy coastal hikes and snorkelling, while swimming in a waterfall-fed rock pool.

With such great destinations, French Polynesia is definitely a hidden oasis! Pick up your backpacks and set out to explore this unique part of the world.

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Travel Tips

Beautiful Europe: Destinations not to miss


Spread on an area of 10.18 km2, Europe is a magnificent continent which has much to offer. Consisting of many small and large cities, this continent can be explored at once if you’re on a long holiday. While some of the European destinations are overrated, others simply don’t get the attention they deserve! Let’s forget about cities like Prague, London and Paris to discover other European destinations which are worth a visit!

Wroclaw- Poland

Called the Polish Venice, Wroclaw is a wonderful city which is surrounded by canals and consisting of over 120 bridges linking to 12 amazing islands. This mesmerising city will seduce you with its charm through places like Market Square ‘Rynek’, two Town Halls, Salt Market Square, Flower Market, greenish University, covered market, Botanical Garden and Centennial Hall. More of a foodie? Enjoy traditional dishes at “Piwnica Świdnicka”, which is the oldest eatery of the world! Find historical secrets as you walk around “Ostrów Tumski”, the oldest section of the city. Watch closely as you will be surrounded by symbolic dwarves- the city is dotted with 350 of these and new ones are added each year! And, ah the locals- expect a warm and friendly welcome from the inhabitants!

Bilbao- Spain

This European destination is simply amazing – the wonderful atmosphere it lets out, cannot be explained through words or pictures. Bilbao is dynamic, open to the world and evolutive. Unlike other cities in Europe, this city attracts families: they lose themselves in the sweetness of the evenings and take a stroll through the pretty streets. Located in Spain, this city is linked to the sea and the rives, and is a gastronomical heaven! Learn about the history of the city by visiting the fine museums like Guggenheim or The Bilbao Fine Arts museum. And, make sure to see the landscapes such as the Rioja wine region. Live the old days by visiting the medieval towns like Orduna and Balmaseda, which surround Bilbao.

Kotor- Montenegro

The dream destination of many travellers is Kotor! This city is found in Montenegro which is unique, authentic and wild – the breath-taking landscapes, cities and stunning villages. Kotor is said to be the prettiest city of the country and it is listed each year as the best destination of the world. You will surely love this place which has an amazing bay and a historic centre. It’s advisable to visit during summer when the costumed boats parade is occurring: it makes the bay even more beautiful. Planning to go in summer already? That’s good as you’ll have the chance to enjoy the Kotor festival of Children’ theatre, the International Fashion Show and the Sera Rock Festival. Kotor is also popular for its fine diners and family-oriented origins.

As you prepare to travel, why not already enjoy some adventure? At Magical Vegas Casino, you will find the best collection of adventure theme slots! Roll the reels of any such slot games and travel to different places through the backdrops, symbols and music tracks! If you’re in for a Euro-trip, other eye-catching places you can add to your bucket list are Colmar- France, Hvar Island- Croatia, Riga- Latvia, Lisbon- Portugal and Bohinj- Slovenia. You won’t be disappointed at all!

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Make Yourself Comfortable with the Right Travel Clothing


Vacation and traveling help you to rejuvenate your mind and health. In fact, visiting new places every year helps you add a new angle to your life. When you are backpacking your traveling gear, you will be very much excited, but one thought that can make you stay in a dilemma is what to wear and what to pack? The point is that the entire dressing will depend on what kind of destination you are visiting. If you are visiting any cold places, then warm clothes will be your friend, similarly to how light cotton clothes will be preferred if you are visiting sunny places, then light cotton clothes will be your friend. Following these essential guidelines may help with your travel plans.

Basic clothing

Starting with a basic selection of clothing is always best when traveling. Think practically and avoid packing heavy clothing that will be hard to transport and wash. Light, comfortable material that doesn’t itch is advised, as this will allow your skin to breathe. Further, these sorts of clothes will be easier to wash – the heavier the material, the more impractical it becomes. Cotton clothing is a good idea, which you can easily accessorize with a cardigan or a denim jacket. Take thin sweaters as they will be very much versatile, and you will be able to wear them in both warm and cold climate. Remember to carry clotheswhich are lighter so you can easily move them.

Mix and match

While traveling, even though we try to take as many clothes as possible, it is still important to be sparing. If you are moving constantly from place to place, you don’t want to be carrying unnecessary baggage. Try to prepare by packing clothing that you can easily mix and match with one another and create a new look every day.


Before you add something in your baggage, make sure it doesn’t eat up a lot of space. It is best to avoid taking bulky items. However, if you are going to a place with cold climate, then layers will be important and should not be forgotten.


Take cotton clothes as they are light and breathable. If mountain biking or hiking is on the cards, it’s best to not forget to carry some nylon clothes as these will easily handle the heat and sweat. It is worth investing in some woolen and fleece clothing, as they will provide the warmth you need in some of the more rougher climates. Shoes are also an important factor to consider, as while hiking you will need boots. However, your footwear will differ for beaches, for example. For more guidance, visit exclusive shoe portals like Always opt for sturdy and slip resistant shoes while visiting cold places. For beaches, lighter more supple shoes can be worn.

Rough clothes

If you are going to partake in any hiking on the mountain or face any unpredictable weather such as rain, then you should always ensure you have appropriate clothing to deal with these conditions. There are various jackets available in a variety of versatile materials. These allow for various different activities and may include features such as extra pockets or waterproof options.

All these tips will help you to pick the right clothing for your trip. It is important that you feel well prepared and comfortable in terms of the clothes you are wearing. By taking the time to consider the usability first, you can create a compact, suitable selection of clothes that will enable you to take on various climates and weather conditions.

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People celebrate important milestones in their lives by organizing intimate parties for the close friends and family members. Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and anniversaries are momentous occasions worth splurging on a party for your loved ones.

More people have exhausted all the fun out of home parties, are making important milestones in their lives by traveling to far-flung destinations for the celebrations. Friends now come together to go on vacation celebrations for their birthdays and other important events. There many destinations suitable for parties and celebrations. South Africa is one of the best places to go for your 21st birthday. A 21st birthday is significant, and South Africa has many cities with facilities for a memorable birthday celebration.


Bloemfontein, also known as the City of Roses, has so many rose plants that they organize an annual rose festival in October.

The Anglo Boer War Museum, drawing from its rich Boer history, exhibits the relics of the Boer War and the Oliewenhuis (wild olive fruits) Art Museum treats visitors to an art gallery celebrating the best African artists. Among other places to visit is the Franklin game reserve at the foothills of Naval Hill that is home to giraffes, zebras, indigenous birds, which is a walking distance to the Nelson Mandela Monument.

Free State National Botanical Garden and the Bagamoyo Wildlife Estate are a treat for nature and animal lovers respectively.


If you are thinking of throwing an unforgettable destination party for your 21st birthday, then Johannesburg is the city for you. Johannesburg is South Africa’s biggest city and is easily accessible from the O.R Tambo International airport.

It hosts the biggest mall in the continent in Sandton City and the historic Oriental Plaza.

The main attractions in the city of Johannesburg include the popular Gold Reef City that allows visitors to tour the now disused Crown Gold Mines in addition to treating revelers to a theme park and the Royal Theatre. It has museums for lovers of history.

Living up to its reputation as the nation’s entertainment capital, you can have a fresh beer at SAB Miller’s World of Beer facility.


Durban City in KwaZulu-Natal province is blessed with tropical weather and sandy beaches and is the most popular tourist destination in the country.

The city is known for its Golden Mile. This is the extensive beachfront donned with luxury hotels, high-end apartments and a complex of entertainment joints and restaurants. The Golden Mile attracts people interested in fishing, swimming and water sports.

Nature lovers can bird watch at Umgeni River Bird Park and go on rejuvenating walks among the indigenous trees in Africa’s oldest botanic garden, the Durban Botanic Gardens.

Umhlanga Rocks and the Valley of a Thousand Hills attract both locals and tourists in their hordes.


Also known as the Jacaranda City, it has the Rietvlei Nature Reserve – home to some of their rare animal species like the white rhino offers a much welcome getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve, Faerie Glen Nature Reserve, Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary and the other Groenkloof Nature Reserve are the other wildlife attractions in Pretoria.

Standing on top of the Salvokop Hill, one can see the Voortrekker Monument and Freedom Park which were important in South Africa’s liberation struggles.

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5 Benefits of Booking a Niagara Falls Hotel Package


Are you interested in visiting Niagara Falls in the near future? Will this be your first time to the area? Are you hoping to have the time of your life?

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting alone or with your family. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting for business or pleasure. There should only be one thing on your mind: having an enjoyable experience.

As you begin to research your trip, you’ll find that there are many hotels vying for your business. Some of them have even hired a marketing agency to give them the best possible chance to connect with their target audience.

The way you book your trip is your decision, but don’t overlook the many benefits of looking for Niagara Falls hotel packages online on a site like Expedia. Need more convincing? Here are 5 benefits of booking a hotel package for your next trip to Niagara Falls.

1. Easy to Find Online

There used to be a time when booking a Niagara Falls hotel package meant calling a travel agency, hearing about all your options, and attempting to make a decision without access to a lot of information.

Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to go down that path. You can now find a variety of Niagara Falls hotel packages online, ensuring that you’re in position to compare all your options.

2. Lower Price

You should always look to save money when taking a trip. Even if money is no object, nothing changes the fact that there are steps you can take to save a few dollars here and there.

When you book a Niagara Falls hotel package, everything is included in your price, but when you separately book different aspects of your trip, this isn’t the case. Subsequently, your costs can quickly rise.

3. Plenty of Options

Many people shy away from hotel packages because they don’t think they’ll have access to the best deals. You don’t want to get into this frame of mind. You can find plenty of options, as long as you search the internet with an open mind.

For example, there are travel packages for people on a budget. There are also travel packages for those traveling with children.

As long as you know what you want, you can find an option that suits your needs.

4. Customization

It goes without saying, that you’ll come across several Niagara Falls hotel packages. At first, you may not like what you see. However, remember this: most packages allow you to customize the details of your trip.

So, if you’re traveling with your children who enjoy webtoon comics, you can take this into consideration when comparing hotels. Maybe you’re traveling to Niagara Falls on your honeymoon. Once again, you can customize the trip to match the wants and needs of you and your partner.

5. Less Stress

There is never a good time to stress yourself out. This is particularly true when taking a trip. After all, this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.

If you get stuck booking everything one piece at a time – such as your hotel, flights, and rental car – the stress of lining everything up can begin to bog you down.

With a Niagara Falls hotel package, you don’t have to worry about this. Once you choose your package, you know that everything you need will be waiting for you. Talk about a great way to reduce stress!

Read Online Reviews

As a final point of advice, it always makes sense to read online reviews before booking a hotel package. Sites like Oyster are dedicated to reviewing hotels, so take advantage of the time they’ve already spent! This will provide a clear view of what others think of the hotel, thus giving you an idea of what to do next.

You don’t have to believe everything you read, but you can pick up plenty of solid information by reading online reviews. You might as well take full advantage.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. These are just a few of the many benefits of a Niagara Falls hotel package.

If you want to visit the area in the future, this is one of the better ways to get all the necessary details in order.

Do you have any experience traveling to Niagara Falls? Did you ever book a hotel package? What were the pros and cons of doing so? Share your experience and advice in the comment section below.

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Sydney To Melbourne: Road Trip Highlights



A road trip from Sydney to Melbourne takes you from Australia’s largest city to its second largest. Along the way, you’ll encounter plenty of must-visit spots, regardless of the route you choose. Historical sites, wineries, and national parks dot the path from Sydney to Melbourne. Before you secure your campervan hire, determine the path you want to take to get from Sydney to Melbourne. Traveling along the Hume Highway is your most direct route, but it doesn’t afford you too many opportunities for exploration or scenic views. However, two other routes offer plenty to see and do. Both routes will take you about 9 to 10 hours, without stops. However, you can easily turn them into a multi-day drive if you’re ready for exploration. Learn more about how you can travel from Sydney to Melbourne on a coastal route or inland route, and discover the best sites to see along the way.

Coastal Route

The coastal route starts off with scenic views. About an hour into your drive, you will reach the Royal National Park, where you’ll hop on Grand Pacific Drive, which hugs the cliffs and offers picturesque water views. While you’re driving through the National Park, you’re in for some wildlife watching — you might even spot some kangaroo hopping by.

Your first pit stop should be in Kiama. Stop and check out the Kiama Blowhole, which has existed for more than 100 years and welcomes upwards of 900,000 visitors annually. When the seas run from south to east, you’ll watch as spectacular plumes of water seemingly shoot into the sky. The Blowhole has a viewing platform that makes spotting these plumes easy.

When you drive from Sydney to Melbourne on the coastal route, chances are the beach will be calling your name. Fortunately, you’ll have several places to stop and walk on the sandy beaches or dip your toes in the sea. Hyams Beach, located in the city of Shoalhaven three hours south of Sydney, is best known for its powdery white sand. Enjoy plenty of watersports opportunities here, whether you want to surf, dive, kayak, or sail.

Wildlife lovers must stop in Eden, which is about 6 hours south of Sydney. If you visit in May or November, you can go whale watching and possibly spot humpback whales in their natural habitat. Eden is a rich wildlife area throughout the year, so you can also look for dolphins, seals, and eagles, no matter when you visit.

Nature lovers will want to head to the southern tip of Australia and visit Wilsons Promontory National Park on your way to Melbourne. Stroll through a eucalyptus forest and rainforest on the Lilly Pilly Gully Nature Walk, which is about a mile and a half long. Nearby Squeaky Beach boasts sparkling turquoise waters and fine quartz sand, perfect for relaxation before you return to your campervan and head to Melbourne, which is just under 3 hours away.

Inland Route

The inland route from Sydney to Melbourne takes you along Heritage Drive and offers several spots worth a stop. About 2 hours into your journey, make a pit stop at Goulburn, Australia’s first inland city that boasts a rich history. Home to Australia’s wool industry, Goulburn is home to the World’s Biggest Merino, a three-story-high concrete and steel structure, known to locals as Rambo. Learn local history by visiting the Rocky Hill War Memorial or Goulburn Historic Waterworks.

Another 5 hours into your journey, enjoy an experience that will leave you feeling like you stepped outside of Australia. In Strathmerton, Cactus Country boasts the largest collection of cacti in Australia. Here, you can stroll through a 10-acre garden of cacti and succulents, with varieties divided by the region of origin.

Wine lovers will want to stop in the Echuca Moama wine region, which features nearly a dozen wineries and wine bars. Also during your visit, you can explore the area on a walking or cycling tour. Or enjoy ultimate relaxation by riding through the region on a horse-drawn carriage. A day of relaxation awaits when you visit Echuca Moama, along the Murray River.

Your final stop in your campervan hire on your way to Melbourne should be Bendigo, where you can visit the Central Deborah Gold Mine. During the gold rush in the 1800s and 1900s, Bendigo became one of the richest producers of gold in the world. Today, you can enjoy an underground experience where you descend 85 meters underground and explore tunnels and the surface of the mine. You’ll even enjoy a lunch underground.


In between Australia’s two largest cities sit national parks, pristine beaches, and must-see historical attractions. Regardless of the route you choose, your campervan hire can take you to many of these places, giving you a new look at the country. Select a route that best suits your interest, and consider visiting these spots along your journey to make the most of your Sydney to Melbourne road trip.

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Fascinating Animals You Can See on an African Safari


Africa is home to more than 1,100 different types of mammals and more than 2,600 types of birds. Many reptiles and insects can be found there, too. These fascinating animals, coupled with scenic views of the African plains, help contribute to the continent’s constantly growing tourism industry. Of the 30 million tourists that visit Africa yearly, 15% travel for pleasure. Meanwhile, half of the tourists that go there for business also engage in sightseeing activities.

When visiting Africa, one should not pass up the opportunity to go on a safari. It is the best way to experience Africa and its wildlife in their natural habitat. Tourists can even get in touch with the locals and learn about their culture. You may check some Instagram wildlife photographs to inspire you to book your next African Safari tour.

Here are the five majestic animals that symbolize safari royalty, commonly referred to as the Big 5.

African Leopard

Despite being a predator, the African leopard is shy, known to spend their daytime hidden and under cover. This big cat can also climb trees, using the height to spot prey and store freshly killed meat away from hyenas and also lions. The African leopard is a very fast, agile creature. It can run at a speed of 56 kilometers per hour, and can even jump over 3 meters making it a formidable hunter.


In Africa, there are two species of rhinocerous: the Ceratotherium simum or white rhino, and the Diceros bicornis or the black rhino. There is no distinction in their color, despite the names. The white rhino’s name comes from a mispronounced Dutch word “wijd”, or “wide” in English. This is because the white rhino’s lips are wide and flat, best for grazing on short grasses. Black rhino, on the other hand, have pointed lips to better reach the leaves on bushes. Both species of rhino are on the brink of extinction due to poaching as there is demand for their horns in some Asian cultures.

African Lion

With titles like the world’s second largest cat as well as the king of sub-Saharan savanna, you would think it would be very dangerous to search for African lions on your safari trip. It is, but you don’t have to worry because just like the African leopard, lions are more active during nighttime. The African lion is known to sleep up to 20 hours in a day. Also, unlike other cats, lions are social animals and are known to live in a family unit called a pride. In a pride, the lionesses are usually the hunters, and the males are the protectors of their territory. Being social animals makes them more dangerous than other cats.

African Elephant

The African elephant is the world’s heaviest and biggest land animal. It can be seen in the wild in 37 sub-Saharan countries. These big creatures can withstand many of the various habitats of the continent. With an inch-thick skin that acts as armor to sharp thorns, and large ears that regulate body temperature, the African elephant can easily adapt to changes in their surroundings. They have tusks that can be used to fight off predators, and a trunk that can be used to handle objects and hold water.

Cape Buffalo

The Cape buffalo, known for their bad temper and curved, pointy horns, are usually found in areas where water is abundant. This is because they drink water every day and eat grass and bushes which thrive near to water. Despite their reputation, however, buffalos are generally very peaceful with each other. Their bad temper is usually a reaction to a perceived threat. This behavior can be seen when a herd of Cape buffalo is being attacked; the stronger buffalo will circle around and protect the sick or younger ones.


Spotting the Big 5 on an African safari can truly be an awesome experience. So if you’re planning on your next safari trip make sure to find these beautiful animals in their natural homes. Take photographs, savor the moment, and enjoy the real African experience.

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7 Types of Tourists You’ll Encounter in Cape Town


There is something about summertime in Cape Town that is unlike any other destination on the globe. ‘The Mother City’ is dazzling all year round, but in summer you can’t help but feel like the world is singing to you when you’re in Cape Town -with indications everywhere that this is the most enchanting time of year. It is a combination of the fresh sea air that carries all the feels of exotic holiday experience, the 7000 plants of the Cape Floral Kingdom that bloom – and bring about an abundance of colours and sweet smells to every nook and cranny of the quaint city. The natural and seductive array of sunsets and sunrises, with the warm summer sun on your winter-worn skin – as well as the never-ending days; the bustling streets and of course the tourists – whose accents all add to the already vibey sounds of the full restaurants and bars that speckle the busy streets.

All iconic holiday spots offer a variety of different visitor throughout the year – but due to Cape Town’s diverse places, spaces and faces, she provides a particular, diverse array of tourists who all add to the already eclectic variety of urban wildlife Cape Town has to offer.

However, if you are a Capetonian who is familiar with the utopian city filled with art-house coffee shops, freelance creatives and trust fund kids, you can spot these visitors from miles away – and no it’s not because of their accents or their lack of first editions ‘Old Skool’ Vans. – Or from their coffee order – which isn’t a flat white but rather a…gasp… regular cappuccino. But rather, these new faces look familiar because you’ve properly seen them before or someone just like them the summer before. Due to Cape Towns renowned travel status thanks to Conde Nasts Traveller Magazine for being voted five consecutive years in a row as the best city to travel to, ensures Cape Town is constantly buzzing with tourists from all over the world. But, if you spend the majority of your summers at ‘Up Yours’ – Cape Town’s most infamous hot-spot, hanging out with the same eight people you’ve known since high school, then you might mistake what these ‘visitors’ look like.

Here to correct this wrongdoing, we have put together a comprehensive list of the seven tourists you’ll find roaming the streets of Cape Town this summer. Now there is no excuse for when you see them wandering around looking confused not to buy them a craft beer or educate them on the importance almond milk.

1. The Backpacker

Image Sourced: Pinterest

“The backpacker” is a tourist stable and is seen in almost every country around the globe, at any given time of the year. Most likely to be on their second gap year and undoubtedly on a tight budget. These social nomads can often be found flitting from Observatory to Woodstock to Kloof Street and back again. He/She loves a good ‘Bezza’ with the lads and overuses words like ‘bru’ and ‘oath’. Is often seen sporting a vest and playing a ‘woke’ instrument like the ukulele or the triangle – this tourist is hard to miss.

Likes: to ‘squeak takkie’ and is regularly seen at places with buy one get one free drink specials. This tourist adds a whole lot of ‘extra’ to every and any situation they find themselves in. Often persuading a whole table at ‘Power & The Glory’ to play drinking games. The Pro. of any and all group photos which he shares enthusiastically on his ever-growing Instagram fan base – where he uses captions like #BoysOnTour or #Youknowyoulikeit. You should follow him immediately or prepare to hear “give us a follow there” at least six times a sitting. He loves doing shots and is the most likely person in the group to get alcohol poisoning, but not a hangover.

Visiting Cape Town: for its ‘wicked surf’ and ‘gnarly weather’ as well as “the chicks bru, have you seen the chicks”.

2. The Environmentalist

Image Sourced: Pinterest

Here to save the world and give back – and naturally, Africa fits the bill… Definitely a vegan and a natural at appropriating traditional proteins. They dress like a local Capetonian would for their monthly trance party – every day. They’re super ‘chilled’, so chilled you’d think they just woke up from the world’s longest nap – existing only on water and Mary Jane. These tourists are super vibey and a hit with the Capetonian vegan community, as they possess superior knowledge on how to decrease your carbon footprint. These people bring a calm and centred presence to any group and are good at making you feel like you could be a better person, as they’re frequently throwing out names of the fantastic charities and organisations that they are here to support. Here to bring peace and harmony, they are a delight to be around and might even be our favourite tourist type. As they only carry positive vibes, enlightening insight and tons of generosity. Unsure about the concept of WIFI and without any social media pages you can follow – no, not even one – they can often be found rolling cigarettes or floating around the dance floor anywhere from Caprice to Fiction. Oozing with a natural coolness that is impossible to imitate without feeling like a complete fraud.

3. The ‘It’s Just Business Tourist’

Image Sourced: Pinterest

As Cape Town is the number one city in Africa to do business, it’s no surprise that so many of its visitors are here to do ‘good business’. These tourists can often be seen sporting smart shoes and a collared shirt – which is popped – obviously. Best friends with his laptop and his cell phone which he is never seen without. Often labelled as somewhat unsociable as they are constantly fighting the desire to check their emails, download we-transfer links and read lengthy articles from magazines no one has heard of – or something easily as lofty. If you do manage to enter their circle of seriousness, brace yourself for lengthy concept pitches on their latest tech startup idea or an innovative App proposal. Will often be thrown impossibly hard questions to answer but never fear they are merely rhetorical and require very little response with the occasional nod or reassuring ‘hmm’ to suffice. “What do you do?” is a question that you will be asked and if the answer is deemed unsatisfactory, you will undoubtedly be judged. Frequently seen spending absurd amounts of money usually at places with a good internet connection or at events of the ‘rich and famous’ like Shimmy’s and the Grand. And although we’re pretty unsure of everything this tourist associates himself with, we appreciate his contribution to our country’s economy. Viva La Moola.

4. The Blogger

Image Sourced: Pinterest

The millennial celebrity with a know-how of all things Fashion related. Often seen walking around narrating their days to the front-way-camera on the latest iPhone. Seen only at spots that are Instagram worthy, where they’re frequently interrupting activities such as eating to take a few snaps in which they rearrange tables, decor and their outfits in hopes to rack in all those ‘likes’ -“if you didn’t Instagram it where you even there?” Sporting a curation of outfits that make their way online with the unavoidable #OOTD hashtag. They embody more confidence than Kanye with an unmissable air of “I’m cooler than you”. They epitomise the saying “fake it till you make it” and are only visiting to add more content to the ‘travel’ tab of their blog – “see link in bio.” They spend their ‘vacay’ days working out, eating smoothie bowls and drinking iced coffees or lunching and lounging on the beach with other social media elites – maybe even hitting the newest hot spot – of which Cape Town has many… All the while looking flawless with eyebrows that are #onfleek. These visitors are easy to spot but impossible to befriend unless your social media status reflects the same authority – but it never hurts to try.

5. The Von Trapps

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As virtually everything in Cape Town is considered kid-friendly, it makes it ideal for a family vacation. These families are some of our favourite holidaymakers. Often seen sporting the infamous velcro strap shoes in all its sizes and carrying with them an aroma of sunscreen and insect repeller. Repeatedly spotted on the tops of the Red Bus Tours or with their noses buried in the Lonely Planet’s Guide to South Africa. They are always in groups of more than three, and they’re always speaking loudly in a language that is foreign from the eleven that speckle the streets of South Africa. Visiting Cape Town to pet a cheetah and go on an epic safari adventure, maybe even see an Elephant or one of the Big Five IRL. These tourists are never without a camera hanging from their necks, and if they corner you into a conversation, they will spill all the details of their lavish holiday up until this very point – in what can only see as an attempt to practice their English. Less than excited about being so close to the equator on account of the heat and often seen wearing local designs and prints that not even an actual local would ever wear. They never tip and despite the relentless explanations given to them still, struggle to grasp the concept of a ‘car guard’ fully. They travel with a somewhat envious polished militant precision that keeps all party members toeing the line – avoiding lost people, ID’s passports or itineraries.

6. The Newlyweds

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As the ultimate honeymoon destination, Cape Town personifies all things that make being in love the greatest feeling in the world thus, making it the favourite spot for newlyweds to start their first adventure together as married people. These tourists are often seen holding hands and staring dreamily at each other from across tables at the Twelve Apostles bar or bathing in the crystal waters of Beta Bay – using each other like a buoy to avoid drowning. They ooze a kind of atmosphere that’s hard to ignore – even if you are happily married too – one that inflicts a sense of jealousy and adoration all at the same time. Often seen sporting matching nautical outfits and projecting identical mannerisms. These two are as cute as they are overbearing. They spend their time posing for cute selfies at all the ‘famous’ Instagram spots Cape Town has to offer using hashtags like #dateyourbestfriend and #couplegoals. They sip champagne and share moments under the beautiful setting sun. They make it feel like it’s Sunday every day taking leisurely strolls wherever they are – despite the actual day of the week. They lack the concept of time and seem immune to the pulsating energy of the city. We wish we were them and spend a fair amount of time after encountering them talking about the prospects of true love; as they are the symbolic reminder that there is hope for us yet.

7. The Retired Senior Citizens

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Visiting for the excellent range of discounts on offer for the ‘mature’ traveller as well as the food – which they get discounts for too. Often seen being chaperoned in large groups to restaurants where the music isn’t too loud, and bathrooms are close by – somewhere where wifi is not a prerequisite and where the option of the desert is non-negotiable. They spend most of their holiday sightseeing, holding up lines for iconic sites, things like Table Mountain, Cape Point, The Jewish Holocaust Museum, The Castle of Good Hope, Zeit MOCCA and anything playing at the Fugard. They can often be spotted sipping tea and the Mount Nelson and judging the outfit choices of pretty much everyone who isn’t part of their age group. Finding joy in the simpler things like feeding the squirrels of Company Gardens or watching the waddling of the Penguins of Boulders Beach. Often seen wearing pastel colours and fanning themselves furiously with a tour pamphlet in hopes to generate a little cool air.

However, no matter how many times you cross paths with one of these dynamic individuals, remember that they are visitors in our home and should be treated with just as much respect, compassion and consideration as any other. They are here to add extra flavour to an already flavoursome melting pot of cultures, traditions and creativity. Embrace them and show them just how much we love our city and how lucky we are to call it home.

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Top 5 Romantic Getaways in Africa


Africa is home to some of the world’s most emotive and beautiful destinations. It’s lined with gorgeous islands including Zanzibar and Seychelles. If it’s island romance you’re looking for, a great option can be found here. If you’re more into experiencing adventures in the great safari wilderness reserves, then you can choose from various tented camps complete with gourmet dining and hot baths. With all that it has to offer, it’s no wonder that many couples looking for the perfect romantic getaway flock to the continent.

Here are the top 5 most romantic getaways in Africa:

Belo Sur Mer (Madagascar)

Belo Sur Mer removes you from the rest of the world, so you and your loved one can enjoy privacy to the fullest. The village sits on the edge of a small lagoon and is 90 kilometers from Morondava. It is also cut off from the mainland. It is a quiet fishing village but has a lot to offer. You can explore parks, take a stroll on the gorgeous beach, and snorkel in the translucent waters.

Masai Mara National Park (Kenya)

If you’re both looking for a more adventurous trip, then travel to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park. This safari park has vast plains and is home to a variety of wildlife including zebra, gazelles, and wildebeest. If you time your trip well, you might be able to witness the great migration, which is a sight to behold. While you’re here, you can also learn about the local culture. Other things you can enjoy include walking through the wilderness, staying at luxurious bush camps, and watching the sunset.

Island of Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Zanzibar is an island paradise with white beaches, soft sand, and azure waters. What more can you ask for in a romantic holiday? A honeymoon on this island might just be the best idea. There’s a lot of things you can do here. You can visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Stone Town, stroll around the romantic coastlines, witness blissful sunsets, swim in its shimmering waters, and explore ghost islands at low tide.

Obudu Mountain Resort (Nigeria)

When you’re looking for a place to relax with your loved one, then go to the countryside. Obudu Mountain Resort can be found on the Obudu Plateau. It was developed in 1951 to provide a place where explorers can camp on one of the mountain ranges. The great view paired with awesome facilities make the resort perfect for leisure. You can ride the longest cable line in Africa to get to the top of the mountain, where you’ll stay. If you want, you can also choose to drive and trek.

Praslin Island (Seychelles)

Who has not heard about Praslin island? It’s home to the most intimate resorts and hotels and the most fantastic beaches. You can laze around the beach, hang out on hammocks, or lie on the sand. However, if you want to be more active, you can try snorkeling, exploring palm forest, and hiking.

Final Thoughts

Africa seems to have it all– epic landscapes, iconic wildlife, a variety of cultures, and ancient wonders. You can find a lot of places in it that can make your romantic getaway something you will never forget.

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Travel Tips

Let’s Move to Buy the Best Travel Bag!


To travel is to give a new life to our boring schedule, and whether it is travelling for fun or for some business, it always proves to be one of the most admired modes of getting relaxed. When we plan to get out of our comfort zone or daily routine, we need to make a lot of arrangements. These arrangements include packing the stuff that we might need throughout the days we are away from home, this calls for a uniquely stylish travel bag that makes utmost comfort possible while always keeping luxury by your side. Now, what we are here for? Yes, we know you are thinking this! Well, we are here reading this article to let you know about how to find the best travel bag that fits in all travel purposes.

Factors that majorly contribute as parameters to find the best travel bag!

Well, a lot of options might prove to be worthy for your needs. Another fact, depending on different travel requirements, different bags may fit in the purpose efficiently. To keep your requirements in consideration is your responsibility, and through the points mentioned below, we will let you find the best bag amongst the whole lot.

Dimensions- Some of us might be short time travellers, but the frequent ones, while others might be planning to travel for months. In both of these cases the external dimensions of the bag must be chosen accordingly. Based on your requirements, choose a bag which fits in your purpose efficiently well. Thus, look out into the dimensions of the bag, and make comparisons amongst the various choices.

Ease of mobility– The luggage designers today have come up with really smart and expedient designs that not only let the travellers have enough storage space, but also the designs are made to let carriage be easy and comfortable. Focus on the ease of carrying and chose accordingly. A bag with wheels and comfortable handles doesn’t puts much load on your hands, thus providing you excessive comfort and space.

Weight– Light weight bags are leading the market, reason being the ease of carriage and mobility plus comfort. Check on the weight of the bag, for which you are paying as asked for.

Space efficiency and expandability– The best travel bag comes with enough space, where expandability options are also availed. This makes it dual purpose, where if you are travelling for a short span of time you can use the contracted version, while for the other case, the expanded area can be used for storage. These features reveal the efficiency of a bag, and you should be aware enough to take these in consideration and decide your choice accordingly.

Material– Water-proof, easy to clean, color perfect, and other similar factors need to be focused on. The material of the bag says a lot about its quality and durability. With new choices in market you have a lot to explore, but you should be aware about the features and specialities of different luggage materials. Check the reviews about this, and go for an option that has the most positive reviews.

Cost– The cost comes as the concluding factor and is one of the most important one. You should know the worth of what you are buying, and thus the cost be paid for what it’s worth for. Decent quality will definitely cost more, but yes, it should be decent quality.

Thus, if you are considering all the factors mentioned above, you are all set to make the smart buy move. To buy the best travel bag you can consider options online and offline, wait for the best deals and offers, this can bring immense buying benefits.

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