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March 2018

Travel Tips

Best Celebrity Holidays Destinations


Whether the world is going through economic crisis or not, there is always a group of people that can afford to spend holidays in any part of the world. These people are our very own celebrities! Movie and television stars, football players or singers, they all need a little break at some point. But have you ever wondered where these famous people spend their holidays? Let’s take a look at some of the top celebrity holiday destinations below.

Necker Island

Necker Island is a private island owned by the British businessman, Richard Branson. It was later on transformed into a resort full of luxury and indulgence. Surrounded by a turquoise sea and exquisite beaches, it is a favourite destination rented out entirely by celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Mel Gibson. It is a great choice for those who love the great outdoors and nature.


Welcome to the French Riviera in the town of Saint-Tropez! It is a place where you can easily walk in. Enjoy a wonderful time on the waterfront which is full of cafes and shops with elite offerings at heady prices. Taste the popular rose wines of Provence at Chateau Minuty Rose Cuvee De L’Oratoire. This town became famous due to the actress, Bridget Bardot and is now a hot destination for celebrities and elites. It is also a preferred destination for Penelope Cruz and Paris Hilton.

Maui Island

Experience the magic of nature on Maui Island, Hawaii. As the second largest Hawaiian island, Maui has a small population but is also known as the Magic Isle because of its breath-taking views. If you are looking for a sophisticated diversion in a small intimate town, this destination is the perfect choice. In Lahaina, make the most of the different museums, shops and restaurants.

Explore the 81 beaches along the shoreline which is about 120 miles! Admire the lovely view at the Iao Needle in Iao Valley to enjoy nature at its best. Since this island is so unique, it is no wonder why our celebrities love to spend holidays there. You can also relax with nature themed games at Spin and Win online casino, such as Shore Thing Pull Tab which takes you to a lovely beach under the blue sky while you pull the tabs to reveal the symbols and win!


Discover an exotic city with a Latin feel to it called Miami. Being one of the most populous city in Florida, it is a major city in Southern United States. The city’s exoticism is due to its pastel-coloured Coral Gables architecture and genuine Cuban community in Little Havana. Explore miles and miles of pristine beaches and other attractions like the Seaquarium, Gator Park and Metrozoo. Full of palatial homes, hip clubs, restaurants and beautiful beaches, Miami is definitely a great destination for celebrities as well as common people.


Are you a fan of posh destinations? Then, Dubai is a perfect choice. This city has grown rapidly into a centre of commerce and communications. It is surrounded by skyscrapers, luxury hotels and mosques. Get a VIP treatment at the Dubai Shopping Festival where you not only enjoy shopping but also world-class entertainment. Pay a visit to Heritage Village where you can watch the locals enjoying their traditional song and dance. Since Dubai is a unique and colourful city, many celebrities love to spend holidays there, especially on the famous cruise ships that allow them to discover the city in a new way.

So, with such unique destinations around the world, our celebrities are able to relax and take a break from their busy professional lives. They are also able to spend more time with their families. How about taking some time off to plan a holiday at one of these destinations, just like the famous celebrities?

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Travel Tips

Tips to get rid of the post-vacation blues


Coming back from a long vacation means you’re most probably relaxed. But then, you see the pile of emails and your stress level climbs to the highest. . . and there you go, not so relaxed anymore! Yes, it’s a normal thing as coming back to reality can be a harsh thing! However, experts say that post-vacation blues have a purpose; they make you realise that you need to shake things up! But, if you’re already satisfied with your home life, you might find it harder to cope with the blues. In the end, what can be done to carry on with the sunny outlook you had when you were away? The below tips might help you to keep the good vibes!

Start the next trip plan

One sure thing is that the vacation itself is not the happiest part, it is just the moments that lead to it. As per a 2010 study which was published in the Applied Research in Quality Of Life journal, the simple act of planning a trip can increase your level of happiness. If you’re always wanting to plan your trip even during working hours, you can be sure that you’re not the only one! An estimated 69% of trips are explored at work as per Travelzoo. So, whenever you feel like the blues are kicking off, browse on the web and look forward to your next trip. It can be quite helpful!

Put the memories in frames

Okay, let’s get real! You have surely taken a hell lot of photographs while you were on vacations. Find some time to look at all of them. Select the top moments you captured and have them printed. Then, you can print them and frame them! Or you can simply share them on social media! As you go back through videos and photos, you’ll be nostalgic and it will enhance your mood. Now, if you did not capture the most scenic views. . . you might find some pretty landscapes on the adventure themed slots at Kitty Bingo! Deep jungles? Blue waters? Sandy beaches? Historical landscapes? You’ll find it all on this massive collection of different themed slots.

Recreate the meal you enjoyed

Many researches put forward that memories and food are linked which is why many food items tend to make use think of our golden days. You can apply the same to your last trip. Missing the vacation days? Cook the meal you enjoyed most while on vacation! Otherwise, you can try to perfect a meal which makes you think of good things. For example, if you enjoyed pad thai in Thailand or pasta in Italy, you can try to make it at home. If you’re not sure how to make it, you can check some online videos. Tip: learning something new sharpen the mind!

House cleaning

You might be surprised. . . but cleaning your house after a vacation might help! It’s a way to allow yourself to find the motivation to de-clutter and de-stress at the same time. Open your closet and have a good look at it- make as if it is your suitcase and keep only the useful things! How can you choose from a massive collection of item? You can try the Kondo method! It’s a Japanese technique which is quite simple; throw out all belonging which do not bring you happiness. It will help you reframe your personal and mental space.

You might not feel like all of the above tips make any sense right now. . . if you’re having the post-vacation blues. But, doing the above things are really worth a try! There’s no harm in trying- do it and see for yourself!

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Travel Tips

How To Prepare For An Amazing Coachella 2018


Though its first weekend may be in April, Coachella marks the unofficial start to summer. Acting as the starter’s pistol to the festival season, it’s one of many concert events scheduled for the upcoming months. But as the first, it’s always one of the biggest. This year, Beyoncé returns to headline with The Weeknd and Eminem to make good on her promise after her cancellation in 2017. Other notable performers on the lineup include SZA, Post Malone, and Grammy-nominated Cardi B.

You don’t need any reminders of the bill if you were lucky enough to snag tickets and a camping site to this year’s festival. What you may need help with is how to prepare for the biggest music event of the year. While the festival’s website has their official advice, you’ll want to keep reading to see these helpful tips.

Wear something fashionable yet sensible

Fashion is a top priority for most concert goers. That’s totally justifiable when you could be pushing up against some of the music industry’s and Hollywood’s biggest stars, all of whom are rocking the latest trends provided by the hottest designers. It’s better to face the facts now: you’re never going to go as hard as Rihanna when she wore her crystal Gucci bodysuit in 2017.

Remember these are the same people who have unlimited access to VIP kept frosty by air conditioning. Many of them have handlers who keep them hydrated with ice-cold bottled water. They can get away with clothing choices that are a less than sensible for a weekend concert under the hot desert sun.

As for you and the regular attendees, you’re going to have temper your fun and stylish outfit with practical additions. Here are some tips:

  • Think about headgear.You’re going to be under the sun all day, so you’ll want to wear a hat. Baseball cap, sun hat, or student cap. It doesn’t matter as long as you stay away from tribal headdresses. Even Teen Vogue knows it’s culturally offensive.
  • Think layers.Coachella’s known for its bohemian festival looks. A bikini top covered by a flowy kimono, paired with short shorts, would tick all the fashion boxes and help to keep you cool.
  • Think footwear.Coachella is a festival where you’ll be dancing with thousands of other people. The grounds are going to get muddy, and people are going to step on your feet. Protect your them by wearing something comfortable and closed-toed, like boots or sneakers.

Protect your phone

Your phone plays an important part to your festival. It navigates your way to the site with step-by-step GPS instructions. It finds the friends you lost along the way with a quick text. It makes memories with its digital camera. (And after all the partying, you’ll be happy to have some kind of record for all the crazy things that happen).

If you expect your phone to be your Coachella multi-tool, it has to survive the weekend. Many of the festival’s biggest features — the mud, the heat, and the jostling — aren’t kind to your handset. One wrong move and your phone could find its way to the mud, where it’s trampled underfoot. That’s why you should kit it out with an Android or iPhone skin. It’s a grip-enhancing accessory that’s both grime- and scratch-free, so you’ll find it easier to keep in your hand — even if you find yourself in a mosh pit.

Not all skins are made with Coachella in mind. If you’re looking for an iPhone skin that will match your festival outfit, stop by dbrand and search through their selection. They have a huge following on Twitter and Instagram because of the premium styles they offer on a wide range of handsets. Whether you opt for a monochromatic color or a hardwood skin, you’ll find a design that matches your street style perfectly.

Bring sunscreen

Underneath the strong Californian sun, you won’t have to wait long to see a burn develop. Don’t make the mistake of getting sunburnt on the first day. Not only will it increase your chances of getting skin cancer, but it will also make the rest of the weekend incredibly painful. Pack a big bottle of sunscreen along with your toiletries. Make sure it’s at least 30 SPF — though the higher the SPF the better — and remember to apply it regularly.

Stay hydrated

If you didn’t know any better, it would be reasonable to think Coachella was designed to dehydrate its attendees. Indio, California in April is hot. And it doesn’t help that festival rests at the basin of the Coachella Valley, leaving little to obstruct the sun’s rays. If you do the festival’s 3Ds (dancing, drinking, and drugs) you’ll dehydrate even faster.

It’s important that you drink as much as possible as often as possible. You can buy bottled water, but it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly to take advantage of the festival’s free water. A water bottle won’t cut it, unless you’re willing to refill every hour and risk missing an important set when you’re stuck in line.

Invest in something like a Camelbak. Fitting over your shoulders like a backpack, a Camelbak is easy to keep on you — even when you in the middle of a huge crowd. The average Camelbak has a 1.5-liter capacity, so you won’t have to leave often to fill it up.

Let’s be honest — it’s impossible to prepare yourself for the kind of fun you’ll have at the festival. Those experiences are just something you’ll have to live through to believe. But you can do your part to make sure you’re ready for the realities of Coachella, so you can make the most of your time at the festival. Take heed of the advice here and you’ll be well-equipped for your weekend of music.

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