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Kochi: The Queen of Spice Trade


Kochi as a place has existed for a long time and had a huge hand in the spice trade carried out in the 14th century. Even the Greeks and Romans were fond of the spices that were cultivated in Kochi. Till date, it is famous for its black pepper and it is an important part of the Indian state of Kerala. Being a port city it plays a part in the business which makes it the financial hub of Kerala. Kochi also has a great reputation for churning out students with greater knowledge and qualifications.

People can easily visit Kochi with the help of the Cochin International Airport that is situated in Nedumbassery. You can easily find Dubai to Kochi flights or from any other city in the Middle East or even the rest of the world. It is well connected with the rest of the cities of India as well.

The rich history of Kochi can be seen through the historical port and also the architecture that was left behind by the traders. So, here are some places in Kochi that will remind you of the old times:

  • Jewish Synagogue: This synagogue is in operation since 1568. The beautiful atmosphere of the place will actually pull you inside it. It is one among the seven synagogues that are operated in Kochi. You can also pay for a guide that will explain the architecture and the significance of the building for the religion as well as to the history of Kochi.
  • Chinese Fishing Nets:Kochi is in close proximity to the Arabian Sea and that is why a big chunk of the population are fishermen. The Chinese fishing nets are a unique flavour to the fishermen of Kerala. The communities tell that it was a gift to them from the Chinese emperor, Kublai Khan. You can actually witness the men catching the fish with the help of these innovative nets.
  • Fort Kochi: This place is actually the one that will provide you with the flavour of the older times. It is a mixture of the culture, heritage and the common people of Kochi. The quaint town does get a flock of tourists in some of the seasons. But as a conscious person, you can see the leftover Portuguese and Dutch influence on the buildings as well as the people. You will get old buildings, churches, synagogues that were used by them and still their heirs have kept the essence. You will find yourself in a different dimension when you visit this town.
  • Willingdon Island:More than history this island is about the capability of men. This is a man-made island and is one of the largest of its kind in India. You will find lavish hotels and resorts on this island and also has the Kochi Naval Base. The island is just 82 years old, but it has already made its place on the Arabian Sea.

Kochi is still an important part of India and it will always be so. Do visit this amazing city for its culture and heritage in the face of the world.

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The top beaches of Southeast Asia


The USP of Southeast Asia is its tropical islands and great beaches. It is hard for the beach lovers to keep away from those white sands and pristine reefs on the shores of the tropical islands in Southeast Asia. Just book one of those Kampar hotels near the secluded beaches and coconut palm coves whether you are in Indonesia, Cambodia or Bali. Do not miss the opportunities to enjoy the serene coastlines and spend your days lazing on the sand. Take a refreshing dip in the clear waters and come back with some fantastic memories.

Here are some of the region’s best beaches!

Rai Leh – a beach paradise in Thailand

Rai Leh beach is arguably the most beautiful beach in Thailand. Relax on those white sands and make a trip to the Ton Sai to enjoy some rock climbing. You also get some gorgeous views from the top. Stay in a nearby hotel or resort for a comfortable stay and enjoy amazing Thai food.

Nha Trang in Vietnam for a memorable beach holiday

Nha Trang with a sweeping crescent beach which is ringed by a necklace of hills indeed makes for a stunning location. Check out the nearby villas and hotels for a terrific view of the bay. Visit the National Oceanographic Museum to take a look at coral reefs, lionfish, sharks, and turtles. Enjoy lip-smacking classic Vietnamese food on the beach restaurants.

Mira Beach of Malaysia for snorkeling

Located on the Perhentian Islands, the beach is accessible only by speedboat. You can swim around the tiny island in a day and later relax with “monkey juice,” a glass of cheap local rum. It is indeed relaxing to laze around on the white sands of the beach which is indeed a diver’s paradise. Enjoy some of the best snorkeling sites here in Southeast Asia.

The happening beach of Sihanoukville in Cambodia

Sihanoukville beach, surrounded by white-sands and undeveloped tropical islands is one of the most happening beach destinations. Apart from enjoying the beach, do not forget to visit the late night market with live music shows. Savor some local delicacies at food stalls selling spicy Mexican food. The bungalows and hotels here provide outdoor activities such as kayaking and snorkeling.

Great snorkeling at Gili Trawangan in Indonesia

Gili Trawangan beach located in Gili Islands is a kind of Woodstock-on-the-Sea. Also known as Gili T, it is a rite of passage for backpackers trying to make it far in the southern hemisphere. Enjoy some superb snorkeling trips here and watch the sun set into the ocean. Savor space cakes, and woodfired pizzas on the stores set along the long beach.

The most picturesque beach, Langkawi in Malaysia

Langkawi is well known as the most picturesque beaches and most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. Relax by the pristine waters or go for snorkeling at the Pulau Payar Marine Park. Explore the lush jungles of Pantai Kok and visit the tallest mountain on the island, the Gunung Raya. Stay at Grand Kampar Hotel which lies very close tho0 the beach. Enjoy world-class amenities here at very affordable costs. The stylish hotel boasts of clean and well-equipped rooms along with outdoor pool, fitness center, airport shuttle and free breakfast. Enjoy Malay style rich curries and grilled fish.

The laid-back beaches of Boracay Island in the Philippines

Boracay Island with its sprawling beaches is well known for a laid-back atmosphere. The long stretch of sparkling sands is indeed gorgeous. Enjoy water-sports like kiteboarding, windsurfing, and horseback riding at the Bulabog Beach. The nearby resorts and hotels make for a comfortable and affordable stay. Enjoy great seafood here which is cooked as per your liking.

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Top 5 Foods To Try On A Round The World Trip


If you’re traveling around the globe, then there are more than just sights to see and people to meet. You should try out each country’s famous dishes at least once. Here are some favorites that you don’t want to miss out on.

1. Pad Thai In Thailand

Thailand’s signature noodle dish shouldn’t be missed out on. Whether you want to eat it on the street for a couple of dollars or dine at an upscale restaurant, the choice is yours. Be warned that like most Thai food, it’s spicy!

Pad Thai comes in a range of varieties, including beef, chicken, and seafood.

2. Pho In Vietnam

Pho (pronounced fuur), is a noodle soup that is a common staple in Vietnam. This dish isn’t hot on its own. However, you do have the option of adding in chili. The dish typically contains chicken or beef.

This is another dish that can be had on the street for one or two dollars. If you’re icky about street food, then you will also find numerous mid-range and upscale restaurants serving the dish.

What’s great is that the noodle soup is low in calories, which is handy if you’re on a diet, such as the HCG diet.

3. Chicken Tikka Masala In India

If you’re a curry fan, then you can’t go past a chicken tikka masala. One of India’s favorite dishes, it is both delicious and filling. Consisting of chunks of roasted chicken in a curry sauce, the dish has received fame around the globe. While it’s likely that there are many places that you can buy it down the road from your home, you also don’t want to miss out on the real dish, straight from an Indian kitchen. Eat it with rice or naan bread, and if you can handle it, order it spicy.

4. Ravioli In Italy

Italy is a food lover’s dream, and you don’t want to miss out on ravioli. These are dumplings that are often filled up with spinach and/or cheese. They make an ideal food for those after a meat-free meal.

While you can purchase packaged ravioli at your local supermarket, you’re better off trying it freshly made at a nice Italian restaurant.

5. Enchiladas In Mexico

If you do find yourself in Mexico then it’s time to order some enchiladas. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, it doesn’t matter as this food can be eaten comfortably at any time.

The food dates back to Mayan times when people would eat small fish encompassed by corn tortillas. Both corn and flour tortillas are now used and they are typically fulled with some combination of meat, vegetables, cheese, and seafood. They are then covered in chili sauce.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of which countries you end up in, you’re sure to find some cuisine that would delight any foodie. These favorites are extremely popular among locals and people all over the globe, so consider trying them at their source, to experience the most genuine taste.

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The Best Countries to Visit with the Aged


People work constantly till the age of 60 years, and then they get retired from their service or employment. This age begins a period of relaxation for them as their professional responsibilities halt there, and their kids also start earning by this time of their age. This is the age when they can think about spending their retired life in some activities, preferably traveling. This is the part of their life when they expect their kids to take care of them as they had spent all their life taking care of their children and helping them to become self-reliant and independent.

Traveling to different places may have different impact on their mindset. Though selection of travel destination is entirely personal, people in their 60s and 70s try to meet their fascination of visiting the places that they usually dreamed all their lives. Planning a visit to these places may include some rigorous tasks. In such a situation, people often try to get some assistance from reliable sources. In case, you also need some assistance before you set out, you can find plethora of ideas from websites like Holy City.

Some great places to visit with the aged may include the following fascinating travel destinations:


Ranked among the top countries to visit for everyone, Switzerland is perfect for the elderly people. The country is known for its wonderful climatic conditions and high standard of life. With amazing facilities for the visitors, especially the aged, Switzerland promises to be a great place for your parents.


In the opinion of the elderly visitors to Norway, the country has the best facilities for them. Rated as one of the most educated countries in the world, Norway claims to be the most fascinating country to visit. Quite noticeably, Norway facilitates the pensioners 100% coverage over the age of 65 years. In other countries, the age is 70 and above.


When it comes to social security for the aged, Sweden boasts the highest security for the people above the age of 60. It is a great place to be for the aged parents as they can enjoy the wonderful natural settings of the country. Sweden allows wonderful touring facilities for the elderly people as well. The country has some engaging places where they can enjoy themselves fully.


The land of Adolf Hitler has undergone enormous changes in the last 4 decades. The country has the second highest literacy rates. It maintains the best life expectancy records as well. With a high standard of living, Germany offers amazing facilities for the aged. The visitors get overwhelmed by the warm hospitality of the Germans.


Known for the most picturesque beauty and Buddhist lifestyle, Thailand has been a great place to visit for the aged. With enchanting natural landscape and Buddhist Pagodas, the Asian country leaves a mesmerizing impact on the aged.

As far as the countries for the aged are concerned, the list is virtually never-ending. However, these are some of the most prominent countries that offer the best facilities for the visitors, especially the aged people. If you are planning to take your parents on a trip, then make sure these countries appear in your list.

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Business: How to Form an Offshore Company in Singapore


Offshore companies get incorporated in a location that is different from their root operations. Singapore is one of the best and easiest locations in the world to incorporate your offshore business or company. Having a Branch office in Singapore is now easy if you let a professional guide you in the process. Just to enlighten you, below is all you need to know about forming an offshore company in Singapore.

Offshore Company Incorporation

Upon a decision that you need your offshore company to be incorporated in Singapore, then you will need to adhere to some requirements. The government of Singapore has made the process straightforward yet strict so that compliance is the only option. Below are some of the requirements you need in order to register:

  • Company name – make sure the name you choose for the company receives an approval from relevant authorities.
  • Paid up capital – it is an easy compliance that requires only S$ 1.
  • Address – it must be registered and functional.

Among many others, the above three requirements are the most crucial before you start the process. The easiest way is to use service providers with authorization to work for you.

Opening of a Bank Account

The offshore company must operate with a bank account. Singapore has numerous options when it comes to bank accounts. Whether you want to deal with the local banks or international ones, you always have a choice. The bank’s sales desk is always ready to help and clarify anything that you need to know.

Offshore Company Operations

When setting up an offshore company in Singapore, there are the basic operations employees that must exist. As a matter of fact, directors’ names and documents must be presented during the incorporation process. Further, such a company will need to recruit an authorized and local secretary to oversee most of the administrative work. Accountants can be hired on a consultancy basis depending on the size of the company. Other staff can be hired as needed depending on required skills and the extent of work at hand.

Policies That Apply

When forming an offshore company in Singapore, the foreign ownership policy allows for openness. The best part is that offshore companies can enjoy foreign shareholding up to 100 percent. The issues of permits and passes are open and straightforward irrespective of the sector in which one chooses to do business.

Benefits of Forming an Offshore Company in Singapore

Numerous benefits accompany this kind of business setup. The most significant being taxation procedures. This country applies low tax rates both to foreign individuals working in Singapore and the companies themselves. This can be credited to numerous tax treaties the country has signed with other states from every corner of the globe.

Another benefit to enjoy is the credible image that is provided. Singapore gives full recognition to an incorporated offshore company. Therefore, other institutions like banks and government agencies also follow suit.

Forming an offshore company in Singapore is not only easy but also beneficial. It is crucial to comply with all the set requirements so as to enjoy the full benefits and have an easy time running your business in Singapore.

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The 3 Best Countries in Asia To Teach English


Teaching English abroad presents a great opportunity to anyone who is looking to earn their travel stripes, explore new cultures and ways of living, as well as to give something back in a rewarding way. There are men and women, young and old, all over the world right now teaching people a new language and giving young students the chance to learn something new. The most popular continent by far, that is attracting the most English teachers to meet its high demand, is Asia, a fascinating continent and one which many ex-pats know as their adopted home. If you are looking to teach English in Asia, then you have made a great choice and one which won’t disappoint you.

To help you decide on which destination to pick for your teaching experience, here are my choices on the top 3 countries which I think you should choose between.

South Korea

Teaching in South Korea will be a remarkable experience for you that will open your eyes to an entirely different world. There are three main programs which operate throughout South Korea, there is a program dedicated entirely to Seoul, a second teaching program committed to the outskirts of the capital, and finally a institution set up to manage the other 18 provinces within the country. The reason for South Korea’s popularity amongst teachers is the generous salaries on offer here with the average salary being $2,000 per month, along with support with housing. The cost of living in South Korea is very reasonable and most report to never spend more than $500 per month. This is a position that is both personally and financially rewarding, and you will be doing a lot of good during your time there.


In most popularity contests amongst countries you could choose to teach English, Japan normally tops the bill. The Japanese teaching program which was designed by the government, the JEP, is widely respected throughout Asia and it is one of the oldest of its kind. Whilst japan may not pay the same as South Korea, and average salary of $1,500 per month isn’t bad! A benefit which Japan has over S.Korea however, is that once you have your work visa, you can work anywhere in the country, in S.Korea you must select the location where you will work and stay. Japan is an exciting country which is very foreigner-friendly, a great choice for your teaching opportunity.


Slowly emerging as one of Asia’s hottest countries, Taiwan is a wonderful country to visit and explore, and there is a great need for English teachers in the local and international schools. The cost of living is relatively low and the salary will range between $1,200 – $1,400 each month with most students saying that they manage to save around 60% of their salary each month. Taiwan has beach locations, small villages is lush surroundings and busy city living for you to choose from when going for a position. As with the Japan and S.Korea, you must have a full TEFL certificate to gain a position in Taiwan. If you are looking for something entirely different from the norm, Taiwan is the choice that you must make.

Whilst these are my favorite 3 countries based on my own experiences, I would still recommend the majority of Asian countries as a destination for you to go, explore, enjoy, and teach.

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