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Central America

Central America

The 5 Best Countries for Medical Tourism


Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular and many healthcare industries are getting involved to offer less expensive healthcare to those who do not reside in the country. This is because in some countries, healthcare costs are far too expensive for those who really need medical help and therefore they cannot get the treatment they need. Instead of money, medical tourism is set up to help those who need help for a lesser price. Here are five of the best countries for medical tourism.


Mexico is close to the United States and therefore makes it one of the cheaper places to travel to for medical tourism. As it is so close, the way medical staff are trained is very similar to America, meaning you can expect the same standard of healthcare, for much cheaper. Mexico especially focuses on dentistry, therefore if you are struggling to afford dental care, you may want to take a look at what Mexico has to offer.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most developed countries in the world and the same goes for its healthcare system. Many people choose to retire here because it is one of the safest and best places for medical tourists. It also uses the US dollar and offers healthcare at a much lower rate.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a great option for those who wish to travel inside the European Union, offering the same highly-developed medical treatments but for a much lesser price than the other countries residing in the EU. The Czech Republic is well known for offering cheaper teeth whitening and cosmetic surgeries. If you wish to gain a career in healthcare, you could work in the Czech Republic as a medical assistant. Check out best medical assistant education for the best schools for this.


One of the least known medical tourism spots, Turkey is up and coming in the medical tourism scene. Turkey offers cheap flights, cheap accommodation and is often cheap when you get there, therefore it is a great place to travel for medical tourism. Turkey is well-known for eye specialists, where the most expensive procedure will only cost you 5000 USD, therefore if you are saving for an eye surgery, you may want to check out Turkey first.


Thailand has been one of the most popular medical tourism spots for a long time, and there is a reason why. Thailand has extremely low healthcare costs compared to many other countries and is great for expats. Many of the healthcare professionals have been trained in English speaking countries and if you visit the large hospital in Bangkok, you will find it is very advanced. Thailand is also a great opportunity for those wanting inexpensive cosmetic surgery.

Medical tourism could save you a lot of money and is also a great way to visit a new country. As English speakers we are very lucky that many other countries know our language too, therefore this will not be a barrier in getting inexpensive and excellent healthcare.

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Central America

Which Caribbean Island Would You Like To Visit?


Source: Flickr/nigelsb

With so many of them, there is a huge choice of islands in the Caribbean. Some of them are better known than others, but they are all unique in some way. Vacationing in the Caribbean can be inexpensive and great fun, you just need to consider which Caribbean Island you would like to visit.


Jamaica is the fourth largest island in the Caribbean Sea, spanning a land area of 4,240 square miles. Originally under Spanish rule and then British rule, it was one of the leading sugar exporters to the rest of the world. It became an independent island in 1962 but is still part of the Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state.

Jamaica is a treasure trove of attractions, such as Dunn’s River Falls. Dolphin Cove, the Bob Marley Museum and the Green Grotto Caves. It has many hotels and complexes, with people of all ages and interest catered for. Caribbean travel websites extol the virtues of vacationing in Jamaica, as it truly is a wonderful place to visit.

Puerto Rico

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico includes the main island, which bears its name, and several smaller ones such as Mona, Culebra, and Vieques. It has two official languages, Spanish and English, although Spanish is the prominent one of the two. Its landscape includes mountains, beaches, waterfalls and tropical forests.

Just some of the attractions include the Castillo San Cristobal, the largest Spanish fort built in the New World, and La Fortaleza, a 16th-century fortification and mansion. Most people visit the Caribbean for the stunning views and the beaches; you have no shortage of those in Puerto Rico.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Caribbean and it is still part of the Commonwealth, even though it gained its independence from Britain in 1973. It attracts tourists from all over the world and makes a great effort to welcome them.

If you want your vacation to include adventure, fun for all the family, local culture, relaxation, good food, wonderful beaches, stunning sunsets, and the friendliest people you could wish to meet, the Bahamas has it all. There are luxury beach resorts and all-inclusive package holiday hotels, something to suit most budgets. Apartments are available, and local people sometimes open up their homes for visitors, so you can get a real taste of traditional life in the Bahamas.

Making Your Choice

There are so many wonderful places to visit in the Caribbean that making the choice of which island to take your vacation on can be very difficult. Some visitors ‘island hop’, spending just a few days on each one so they can fit as many as possible into their vacation. The other solution others opt for is to visit a different one each time they have a vacation. The one thing you can be certain of is that it would not be easy to visit them all because of the sheer number of them, so picking the best ones for your vacation requirements is the way to go.

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Central America

5 Reasons Why Honduras in Dangerously Underrated


Last year I spent just over a month traveling through Central America, starting in Belize, and working my way through each country until I reached Panama. There was much that surprised me about this trip and my trip to Honduras was one of them.

It is no secret that Honduras has a very dangerous reputation, in San Pedro Sula, the nation has the murder capital of the world and there have been violent struggles throughout the ocutnry for many years. As a result of this reputation, not enough is written about just how spectacular Honduras is, and here are just a few reasons why the record should be put straight.


Few people realize that Honduras has islands which jut out from the north and sit in the glorious Caribbean Sea. One of the finest of these islands is Roatan, a natural masterpiece of white sand, transparent waters and lush forestation. There is so much going on in this island for tourists from beach parties, water sports and diving trips, plus accommodation which is perfect for all budgets, all of which feature sea views.

La Ceiba

In the north of Honduras is the coastal resort of La Ceiba which makes for the perfect stopover on your way to the Caribbean Islands. Very much a party town, La Ceiba thrives by the sea and visitors here can make themselves very comfortable in the range of hostels and hotels that Honduras’ third biggest city offers. This gateway to the islands is yet another reason why this country is so underrated.

Pico Bonito National Park

Just south of La Ceiba is the Pico Bonito National Park, a huge park which features mountain and sea within its walls. Running through the heart of the park is the Cangrejal river which offers plenty to tourist who are looking for adventure. Visitors can kayak and raft down the river, go climbing and caving in the gorges or climb high to witness spectacular views of this jungle park.


Most people probably wouldn’t put eco-tourism and Honduras in the same sentence but this Central american nation is really ramping up its sustainability. Throughout the north of the country and in national parks such as Pico Bonito, you will find countless eco-lodges and eco-environments as the country trie stop follow in the Costa Rican model. For the eco-friendly traveler, Honduras is somewhere that is right up your street.

Diving Spots

Honduras is well known in the diving community as being one of the best places to SCUBA in the world. Just off the coast of the island of Roatan, there is hundreds of miles of reef which begins on the islands coast, and drops down up to 100 feet as the coast grows out into the ocean. Ship wrecks, underwater ecosystems, miles upon miles of coral and tranpaurent waters which enable you to see all of this spectacular underwater scenery.

Don’t believe the hype, Honduras is a magnificent place to visit and I suggest that you put it on your travel list.

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