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The best destinations for vegans


A plant-based diet is becoming a popular choice for people all over the world, with restaurants, street vendors, and cafes realising that unless they keep up with the demand for vegan food, they will be left behind. However, there are some locations that have yet to embrace veganism, which can make it very difficult for vegan travellers who want to be able to eat interesting cuisine while they are abroad. Get to grips with this guide to the best places to visit as a vegan, and you will soon find the days of minimal food options are far behind you.


Perhaps surprisingly, as a country that heavily invests in dairy and animal farming, Ireland has become a hub for traveling vegans. You will find several solely vegan restaurants in the capital, with many other eateries providing at least one vegan option to patrons. It isn’t just Dublin that enjoys an abundance of vegan establishments, and the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way, that is so popular with nature-lovers and history enthusiasts alike, has many cafes and restaurants serving vegan food.


The home of pasta and pizza, Italy has a lot more to offer than the traditional stereotypes associated with the country. There are some establishments that offer vegan alternatives to meat and dairy, but even if you are in a blatantly non-vegan restaurant, there will be no problem getting a vegan dish. How is it so easy? Fresh produce is integral to the Italian diet and this includes fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, and olives, so once you have told your waiter you are vegan they are certain to be able to offer at least one vegan dish. Even the pasta is likely to be made from durum wheat rather than eggs, and you can always order a pizza without any cheese.


Much like Italy, Thailand is a place of fresh produce, with fruit and vegetable markets almost everywhere you look, in addition to restaurants that take pride in offering seasonal ingredients in creative dishes. Be sure to tell your server that you are vegan and check there is no dairy or egg in any vegetarian dishes you are considering. There are many Buddhists in Thailand, a religion that believes it essential to protect all animals, which is perhaps why veganism is not a surprising concept to the those that live there. For a little more background on holidays in Thailand, you may find Holidayshub.Com helpful.


Not everywhere in America is a vegan-friendly haven, but in several locations, veganism has become extremely popular. According to One Green Planet, 6% of Americans are now vegan, which has led to restaurants needing to cater for the growing trend. New York, Portland, L.A., Seattle, and Miami are just some of the places a vegan will feel at home, because of the many vegan cafes bakeries, restaurants and bars dotted around these popular destinations.

It is no longer a frightening prospect to go traveling for extended periods when you are committed to a vegan diet, so grab your passport and get traveling!

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Five Great Reasons to Visit New York City


New York is one of the most famous cities in the world for a variety of reasons. Shown in countless movies and TV shows, New York City is a beautiful place full of fun and amazing sights. If you haven’t already thought about it, here are five great reasons why New York City should be your next vacation destination.

Nature and Greenery

When you think of a city, the last thing you think about is nature and greenery. New York City is America’s greenest city with around 1,700 parks. The most famous of these parks being Central Park, which is only the fifth largest park in the city. There are many activities to take part in in Central Park including cycling, walking, and horseback riding.

Times Square

Lit up at night, Times Square is a real wonder to behold. With huge electronic billboards and so much to do, you will feel like you are in a movie visiting the famous heart of the city. You may even be lucky enough to catch a flash mob. Times Square offers many things for visitors to do including visiting a huge Toys R Us store, Madame Tussaud’s and a Hard Rock Café.

Museums and Galleries

If you are a history or art buff, New York City has some of the best collections in America. The American Museum of Natural History is a must-see for anyone visiting the city, especially if you are interested in all things dinosaur. For all the art lovers, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art are fantastic opportunities to see some wonderful pieces and are a great way to spend your day.


New York City is famous for its theatrical and musical performances and you must see a show whilst you are in the city. Whether you wish to see a classical favorite or watch a new show that has been mastered by professionals, you will be leaving awed from any show. New York City don’t do things by halves and this includes their Broadway shows – you may even be lucky enough to catch a celebrity face or two. You will also need somewhere to stay whilst visiting the city and the accommodation is endless. New York Secret Hotels have some of the most beautiful hotels whether you wish to stay in the city itself or outside in Manhattan.


New York is shopping heaven, with some of the most famous brands available. Makeup and clothes are especially big in New York City and this gives you the chance to shop your favorite brands in their shops, rather than on the internet. Just ensure that you have enough spending money with you as it can be very tempting shopping in the city.

New York City has so much to offer for visitors, and these are just five of the great reasons to visit. Visit in winter if you love snow and ice skating or visit in the summer to enjoy an ice-cream in Central Park.

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North America

A backpackers’ guide to Central America


North AmericaNorth AsiaSouth AmericaSouth AsiaSouth East AsiaSub-Saharan-Africa A backpackers’ guide to Central America written by admin May 17, 2016

When it comes to exploring diverse, exciting destinations, you cannot beat a trip to Central America. Awash with amazing terrain – from hidden waterfalls and vast jungles to ancient sites and stunning coastline – this region is one that provides a real sense of adventure and discovery.

If you’re interested in embarking on adventure holidays in Central America, there are some destinations that you simply cannot miss. To learn what these are – and their most incredible attractions – read on.

Heading on Costa Rica tours is a great way to begin your exploration of Central America. A country rich in spectacular terrain, it is home to more than 46 national parks, wildlife refuges and private reserves – a figure that translates to some 25 per cent of Costa Rica’s land.

Volcanoes, jungles and beautiful beaches can all be found in the nation – and these make a great base for a variety of thrilling adventure activities, which you can try out during your small group travel. For example, if you’re itching to come face-to-face with an active volcano, you mustn’t miss out on a trip to Arenal.

Situated in Arenal National Park, this colossal volcano spews up lava and rock – something that looks particularly spectacular against the night sky. In fact, this is among the world’s most active volcanoes, despite being believed to be dormant up until the late 1960s.

While being a truly awe-inspiring site, the Arenal volcano is not the only attraction to be discovered in this magnificent national park. The site is also made up of roaring waterfalls and tempting hot springs that can be found nestled in the rainforest that makes up so much of the terrain here.

If the thought of exploring a tangle of dense trees, plants and wildlife appeals to you, head to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Perched at 1,440 m above sea level, it is a veritable haven of biodiversity, playing host to countless species of animals, insects, birds and plants. Indeed, more than 400 species of bird and 2,500 species of plant have been discovered within its depths.

Sitting on the Continental Divide, the forest is an incredible place to pick your way through – but it’s also a fabulous spot for indulging in some more adventure activities. Indeed, if you want to see the site from a wholly different perspective, why not zip-line through its canopy? This is certain to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Before you leave Costa Rica, don’t forget to visit its wonderful capital, San Jose. As well as serving some of the world’s best coffee, the city is awash with culture. Take some time to explore its museums, and relax in a little cafe to watch the world go by.

Mexico tours are another must for those looking to discover the delights of Central America. Home to a wonderfully varied landscape, the nation boasts jungles, volcanoes, colossal canyons and a vast coastline, peppered with fascinating ancient sites, making a trip here particularly exciting.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll undoubtedly pick up on the warm, friendly atmosphere that Mexico is well known for. There are numerous places that can all be classified as must-sees – and you may want to make sure you have time to visit them all!

Sometimes referred to as the Paris of the West, the state capital, Merida, is among these. Home to a rich culture, it is known for its fabulous markets and multitude of attractions, as well as being something of a business centre. While you’re here, dip into a museum or two – such as the archaeological museum – to discover insights into local cultures of the past.

Nestled deep in the jungle, Palenque is another absolute must-visit – and one that has fascinated countless visitors and archaeologists for some time. Indeed, it is widely considered to be one of Mexico’s most amazing pre-Columbian sites. It is worth spending plenty of time wandering around this intriguing ancient city, which still holds so much mystery.

The largest ruined Mayan city on the Yucatan Peninsula, Chichen Itza is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and is a truly thrilling site to see. Dating back more than 1,500 years, here you can discover temples and monuments that will stay in your memory forever.

This is just a handful of the amazing things you can see and do in Mexico, with visits to sites such as Copper Canyon and Monte Alban also excellent choices.

North America

Explore America’s finest national parks on a California tour


North AmericaNorth AsiaSouth AmericaSouth AsiaSouth East AsiaSub-Saharan-Africa Explore America’s finest national parks on a California tour written by admin May 17, 2016

If you are looking at North America holidays this year, then you really should consider going on a tour of California, taking in as many national parks as possible during your stay.

Why not start off at the Yosemite National Park, one of the first of its kind to spring up in the US? While it is perhaps best known for its waterfalls, there are many other attractions here, such as majestic meadows, deep valleys and ancient giant sequoias, all within around 1,200 square miles.

Once there, you will find that you can see the park on foot or by bike, take a bus tour or travel along with a park ranger for a while, learning all about the reserve.

It could also be fun to book a guided mule ride, or a pack and saddle trip, while on California tours. There are several bridle paths in the Yosemite that you could enjoy travelling down.

You can additionally go rock climbing here, as the park is acknowledged to be one of the greatest areas for climbing in the world. There are many challenges facing both novice and proficient climbers, such as the crack climbs in the Merced River Canyon and the aid climbs on the valley’s big walls, as well as the domes in the Tuolumne Meadows.

And don’t forget to try out a few water activities while enjoying USA national park holidays.

You can go rafting down the Merced River, as well as swimming and fishing, although you will need a valid California fishing licence to engage in this latter pastime. If you have one, you’ll find that you can catch brown trout in the rivers, although rainbow trout is for catch and release only.

Once you’ve included Yosemite in your plans for small group travel around California, you should then consider heading to the Zion National Park, home to some unique sandstone cliffs that range in colour from red to pink and cream.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of the amazing freestanding arches in the area, most notably the Kolob and Crawford arches. The latter is the most visible and clings to the bottom of Bridge Mountain, 1,000 feet from the floor of the canyon. It was named after the Crawford family, some of the first Mormon settlers in the canyon.

The Kolob Arch is also worth a look, although you will find it a bit of a challenge to reach as it is very remote and relatively inaccessible. Heading in the direction of the arch, however, will be particularly rewarding and you will come across some of the most beautiful scenery in the park, taking in La Verkin Creek and Kolob Terrace.

If you’re a nature lover, then you won’t be disappointed by a trip to the Zion National Park. You will be able to spot the California condor, the Peregrine falcon and the bald eagle here, as well as any other of the 288 species of bird found in the park.

For a somewhat different experience, head to some of the Redwood National and State Parks in California – including Del Norte Coast, the Jedediah Smith and the Prairie Creek State Parks. They are all home to some of the most majestic forests in the world, where sea anemones, black bears, Douglas-firs, grey whales and banana slugs can all be found among the redwoods.

While here, you can explore Crescent Beach Overlook and Enderts Beach, with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, or drive on down to Klamath River Overlook, which is one of the best spots to see the grey whale migration.

You might also enjoy a day trip to Fern Canyon, home to 30-foot walls covered with ferns and other flora. Some of the ferns that can be found here are in fact ancient species, the ancestry of which can be dated back 325 million years.

Furthermore, you can try a spot of camping while in the Redwood parks, with three sites in the forest and one found on the coast. Jedediah Smith could be a good choice – it can be found in an old-growth redwood grove near the Smith River, with hot showers, fire pits, barbeques and accessible toilets. From here, you will be able to go hiking, swimming and fishing.