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Tips to get rid of the post-vacation blues


Coming back from a long vacation means you’re most probably relaxed. But then, you see the pile of emails and your stress level climbs to the highest. . . and there you go, not so relaxed anymore! Yes, it’s a normal thing as coming back to reality can be a harsh thing! However, experts say that post-vacation blues have a purpose; they make you realise that you need to shake things up! But, if you’re already satisfied with your home life, you might find it harder to cope with the blues. In the end, what can be done to carry on with the sunny outlook you had when you were away? The below tips might help you to keep the good vibes!

Start the next trip plan

One sure thing is that the vacation itself is not the happiest part, it is just the moments that lead to it. As per a 2010 study which was published in the Applied Research in Quality Of Life journal, the simple act of planning a trip can increase your level of happiness. If you’re always wanting to plan your trip even during working hours, you can be sure that you’re not the only one! An estimated 69% of trips are explored at work as per Travelzoo. So, whenever you feel like the blues are kicking off, browse on the web and look forward to your next trip. It can be quite helpful!

Put the memories in frames

Okay, let’s get real! You have surely taken a hell lot of photographs while you were on vacations. Find some time to look at all of them. Select the top moments you captured and have them printed. Then, you can print them and frame them! Or you can simply share them on social media! As you go back through videos and photos, you’ll be nostalgic and it will enhance your mood. Now, if you did not capture the most scenic views. . . you might find some pretty landscapes on the adventure themed slots at Kitty Bingo! Deep jungles? Blue waters? Sandy beaches? Historical landscapes? You’ll find it all on this massive collection of different themed slots.

Recreate the meal you enjoyed

Many researches put forward that memories and food are linked which is why many food items tend to make use think of our golden days. You can apply the same to your last trip. Missing the vacation days? Cook the meal you enjoyed most while on vacation! Otherwise, you can try to perfect a meal which makes you think of good things. For example, if you enjoyed pad thai in Thailand or pasta in Italy, you can try to make it at home. If you’re not sure how to make it, you can check some online videos. Tip: learning something new sharpen the mind!

House cleaning

You might be surprised. . . but cleaning your house after a vacation might help! It’s a way to allow yourself to find the motivation to de-clutter and de-stress at the same time. Open your closet and have a good look at it- make as if it is your suitcase and keep only the useful things! How can you choose from a massive collection of item? You can try the Kondo method! It’s a Japanese technique which is quite simple; throw out all belonging which do not bring you happiness. It will help you reframe your personal and mental space.

You might not feel like all of the above tips make any sense right now. . . if you’re having the post-vacation blues. But, doing the above things are really worth a try! There’s no harm in trying- do it and see for yourself!

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